Dragon-i’s RM1 Chicken Promo Is NOW Back With 4 Different Flavours!

If you haven’t already know,
Dragon-i’s famous RM1 chicken promotion is back! This promotion has always been an annual big thing to the fans of Dragon-i, and due to the overwhelming responses, Dragon-i had introduced total of 4 different flavours this time round! The promotion had started on 1st of March, 2017 and the campaign will be running throughout the whole March, with each flavour being introduced in each week!

Let’s check out if your favourite flavour is in the list! 

1. Deep-fried Crispy Chicken (1st – 12th March 2017)

The first flavour that’s currently on-going now is this Deep-fried Crispy Chicken – shiny and crispy outer layer leading your taste buds to the tender and juicy meat inside, every mouthful is so satisfying that you will not believe such goodness only cost you RM1!

2. Steamed Chicken with Bentong Ginger (13rd – 19th March 2017)

Coming up next will be the Steamed Chicken with Bentong Ginger. “Kampong” chicken that’s healthier and also firmer in texture is used in preparing this dish, together with the local specialty, Bentong ginger that’s famous for its irresistible zesty aroma 
 simple but not ordinary, an absolute healthy dish for everyone to enjoy.

3. Premium Soy Sauce Chicken (20th – 26th March 2017) 

The traditional Chinese flavour that happened to be anyone’s favourite, this Premium Soy Sauce Chicken is seasoned to perfection, with strong soy sauce aroma and a kick of delightful sweetness – “More rice please!” 

4. Sauteed Chicken with Dried Flower Chili in Szechuan Style (27th – 31st March 2017) 

Diced boneless chicken deep-fried till perfectly crispy and tossed with dried flower chili, this dish might looks deadly spicy but trust us, it is actually tolerable, and very addictive too!

How can I enjoy the RM1 Chicken Promo?

Visit Dragon-i or Canton-i outlets that located in Peninsular Malaysia with at least 2 companions starting from 6pm to 9pm daily, also don’t forget to LIKE Dragon-i’s official Facebook and follow them on WeChat! Just complete these few easy steps, and you can enjoy the great deal!

Don’t worry about the food quality despite the shockingly low price, as Dragon-i only uses high quality ingredients in preparing all dishes, to ensure all patrons are satisfied with the taste and also the portion!

Friendly reminder: This RM1 Chicken Promo is available for dine-in only. A half chicken will be served for 3-5 pax while a whole chicken will only be served where there are 6 pax and above.

Other than the RM1 Chicken, there are also other signature dishes that you can’t afford to miss in Dragon-i:

Xiao Long Bao 

Need no word to describe how popular Dragon-i’s Xiao Long Bao is – perfectly seasoned pork filling with steaming hot broth oozing out from the paper-thin skin, just one bite and you will know the true reason why people are going crazy for it.

Stewed Sliced Fish with Preserved Vegetables in Szechuan Style 

Appetizing with a touch of sour, this fish stew is so rich in flavours, not to mention how substantial the ingredients are – this dish is absolutely slurp-worthy, easily one of our favourites!

Stir-fried Bentong String Beans with Minced Pork 

Crunchy string beans stir-fried with generous amount of minced pork, every mouthful is full of abundant flavours!

FREE Dessert!

In conjunction with the RM1 Chicken Promo, Dragon-i had also launched a super valued promotion – Like Dragon-i’s Facebook, share this post and tag 3 of your friends to get a FREE complimentary dessert of the day!

What are you still waiting for? Visit your nearest Dragon-i outlets to enjoy the amazing promotions now!

Dragon-i outlet details - click [HERE]!

Dragon-i’s official Facebook - click [HERE]!

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