10 Hot & New Restaurants in Sri Petaling- Part 2
With the completion of several new commercial blocks in Sri Petaling, new restaurants are popping up in this area like almost every month, making the F&B scene in Sri Petaling more happening than ever before. Our last article about new restaurants in Sri Petaling was done about half a year ago. Some of the restaurants have ceased operation. This article is a new update, featuring 10 brand new restaurants that worth the attention of food lovers. Let’s take a look!
5.1 cafe gallery, sri petaling, coffee art
(The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal.)

1. 5.1 Café Gallery

5.1 cafe gallery, sri petaling, food, new restaurant
Do you know that coffee is slightly acidic with a pH value of 5 to 5.1? This is how the founder came up with the name of this café. This Cafe in Sri Petaling offer a wide selection of latte with different flavors, including tiramisu, caramel, and hazelnut. Some of the coffees, such as mocha and matcha latte, are served with cute and beautiful coffee art. For food, they offer a very special type of “pizza” made of crispy tortilla with both savory and sweet flavors to choose from. A perfect place to chill out!

2. Yamabuki

yamabuki, udon, japanese, sri petaling, food, new restaurant
This shop used to be #BLD. It is now reopened as an udon specialty Japanese restaurant in Sri Petaling. The restaurant owner used to work in Japan for more than 20 years. After returning to Malaysia, he decided to open this restaurant with his Japanese wife. Their udon are freshly made daily using a machine that is imported from Japan to ensure the noodles are fresh and springy. Almost all kinds of udon are available on the menu, including soup udon, cold udon, and hot udon. Their homemade desserts are highly recommended too!

3. Ten Years

ten years, sri petaling, food, new restaurant
Occupying a spacious corner lot, Ten Years is a new restaurant with a unique concept. It combines a variety of heritage hawker food under one roof. The menu features not only Chinese hawker food, but also Malay and Indian hawker food to reflect the diversity of Malaysian culture. You can tantalize your taste-buds with many well-known street foods, including T&T Prawn Mee from Penang, Tiger CKT from Penang, and Kak Pah Nasi Dagang from Terengganu, in a comfortable dining environment.

4. Sushi Zento

sashimi, sushi zento, japanese, sri petaling, food, new restaurant
This Sushi Zento outlet occupies a massive corner lot with an eye-catching shop sign. Sushi Zento is a Japanese restaurant that offer tasty japanese food. The interior is not only spacious, but also meticulously decorated in traditional Japanese style, exuding a warm and inviting ambiance. For those who prefer sushi served on a conveyor belt, you can dine at the ground floor, while the first floor is only for ala carte menu. They feature an extensive menu that ranges from sashimi, sushi, tempura and nabemono to a variety of set dishes to suit different needs.

5. Hungry Spoon

hungry spoon, western food, sri petaling, food, new restaurant
Founded by 2 young and passionate chefs who have worked in Canada for many years, Hungry Spoon is a café in Sri Petaling that offers a good selection of Western delights with a creative twist. The chefs take their food seriously, as most of the ingredients and sauces are made from scratch to ensure the quality is consistent. Their signature pasta, Piment Blanc, is a must-try. It is prepared using a white sambal sauce that is both creamy and spicy. If you visit here as a group, can try their Celebrate Waffle with 4 waffles and 6 scoops of homemade ice cream with different flavors!

6. Yugami Steamboat

yugami, fish head pot, steamboat, sri petaling, food, new restaurant
Yugami is a modern style steamboat restaurant specializing in fish head hotpot. They have 2 signature soup bases, including clear fish soup and curry fish soup. The fish soup is very different from ordinary steamboat soup, as the soup itself contains lots of ingredients, including fresh grouper fish slices, beancurd and vegetables. Customers can also order some add-on items, such as meatballs, seafood, and meat slices, to make the fish pot even more delicious!

7. Sushi Roiyaru

sushi roiyaru, japanese, sri petaling, food, new restaurant
Japanese food lovers rejoice! Now Sri Petaling has 2 full-fledged Japanese restaurants: Sushi Zento and Sushi Roiyaru. Occupying 2 shop lots and 1 upper floor, this Japanese restaurant is spacious and comfortable. They offer a rich variety of Japanese dishes, including sashimi, sushi, maki, tempura, agemono, yakimono and many more. Patrons like to visit here for their value-for-money set dishes. We recommend their Unagi Sashimi Set, which comes with fresh assorted sashimi and grilled unagi.

8. Palace Rice Vermicelli

palace, rice vermicelli, sri petaling, food, new restaurant
The famous Palace Rice Vermicelli in Cheras Yulek has opened a second outlet in Sri Petaling! They are one of few restaurants in Klang Valley that specializes in Soup Vermicelli. Their vermicelli is directly imported from Hong Kong to ensure the texture is soft and springy. Also must-have is their freshly handmade dumplings stuffed with prawn, meat, chestnut and coriander. The taste of the soup is similar to that of Pan Mee, as it is boiled with ikan bilis without adding any MSG.

9. Bountiful Steamed Fish

bountiful, steam fish, bak kut teh, sri petaling, food, new restaurant
Still remember the famous Ah Wang Bak Kut Teh at Old Klang Road? After the restaurant has closed down, one of the owners decided to start up his own business by opening this restaurant offering the same signature dishes: Steamed Fish Head and Bak Kut Teh. Three different flavors of steamed fish head are available here, including Soy Sauce, Ginger, and Assam. Their Bak Kut Teh is also delicious, as they are using the same recipe as Ah Wang.

10. Sangkaya

sangkaya, coconut ice cream, sri petaling, food, new restaurant
Sangkaya is expanding very aggressively in Klang Valley. Now they have a new outlet in Sri Petaling too! Everything here is about coconut, from coconut ice cream, coconut shake to coconut water. Their signature coconut ice cream is served with 4 small scoops of coconut ice cream on a fresh coconut husk filled with coconut flesh strips. Now they have also launched several new products, such as ice cream with Cha Yen flavor, coconut shake, and coconut chendul, to satisfy your craving for coconut dessert!

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