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Bibimbap Bulgogi Dup Bap Ddukbokki Dolsot Bibimbap Jjampong Kimchi Soup with Chicken
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喜欢韩剧的同学们可能会好奇为何在槟城的那些高级韩式料理餐厅里找不到一般在韩剧普通人家会吃的平民料理如韩式炸酱面、韩式紫菜包饭、黑糖馅饼等。刚好Korean Café Gil的菜单里就有这些平时在高级韩式料理餐厅看不到的平民料理。午餐时间到这用餐,小狮一般只会点主食如韩式豆腐汤附加一碗白饭和一小碟泡菜(泡菜吃完不能再添加)(RM10),或者韩式炸酱面(RM9)等,而不会再多点甜点和小食。如果下午茶时间有机会到Korean Café Gil叹咖啡,才会点些小食如黑糖馅饼或者鱼形红豆沙包来吃。更多关于Korean Café Gil,请浏览 http://bit.ly/1lAGCW1 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-12-24
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The ground level of Ivory Plaza is filled with eateries of all sorts. Tucked near a corner is Korean Cafe Gil (길), a dainty Korean café operated by ethnic Koreans. The shop's name "Gil" means "road" or "way" in Korean.The atmosphere in the café is quite cozy. Wi-Fi is also provided, no wonder it is a popular hangout spot for college students staying nearby.The menu is illustrated with pictures and captioned with descriptions in English. Therefore, it is not difficult to place an order.For my lunch, I selected the Jjambong (짬뽕, RM10.00). This is a bowl of noodles in spicy soup with assorted ingredients such as chicken, shrimps, squids and kimchi cabbage. It also comes with a small serving of kimchi.The soup is not too spicy, although I must admit that because my tolerance for spiciness is quite high, it may be overwhelming for some. The seafood ingredients used are reasonably fresh. Not to forget the Napa cabbage kimchi to give a delightfully sour sensation to this dish.I seem to have a craving for kimchi. Somehow the spicy and sour taste appeals to my taste buds.For snacks, I placed an order for the Boong Eo Pang (붕어빵, RM3.00), which literally means "crucian carp cake". Essentially, it is a waffle in the shape of fish made using a waffle iron. Red bean paste is encased in batter, giving this snack a mildly sweet taste. This serving consists of two pieces: a larger "fish" and a smaller one. The taste can be improved if there is more red bean paste in proportionate to batter.For drinks, I had a hot cup of Ginseng Tea (인삼차, RM5.00), which is pronounced as "insamcha" in Korean. The tea is sweet, though I prefer more ginseng essence instead. Nevertheless, it is nice to sip this drink during the hot afternoon.Overall, the food offered at Korean Cafe Gil is reasonably good. The price is slightly more expensive than neighboring eateries. Then again, Korean food tends to be more expensive due to higher cost of ingredients. 繼續閱讀
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部队泡菜香肠锅Boodae Jjigae 부대찌개 【RM10.50】Boodae부대也就是部队之意,Jjigae찌개也就是韩国人吃的泡菜炖锅之前在韩国时吃过丰盛的Noboo部队锅,而Korean Gil也有得吃不过是简易轻级版的这受到当年驻韩美军所影响的泡菜炖锅锅,结合了美国人和韩国人的吃法也就是在韩国人常吃的Jjigae(泡菜炖锅)中加入了红豆、香肠、火腿等,即食面则是后来演变版本才加入的这里的부대찌개有香肠、少量即食面、泡菜、年糕、红豆等虽然没有在韩国吃的部队锅来得大锅和辣,不过浓郁十足的泡菜酸味还有加入的自家苦椒酱足以解韩国料理的瘾一份부대찌개还搭配一碗白饭和一小碟的泡菜,泡菜还是无限添加的马来文说的头头是道的老板娘说这泡菜是自家新鲜腌制的个人觉得泡菜味和韩国吃的有段距离,可能本地和韩国白菜质量有别的原因鲷鱼烧饼Boong Eo Pang붕어빵【RM3】Boongeo在韩语中是鲷鱼之意而Pang则是面包之意这也是一款韩国街头常见的小吃,老板和我们聊得很开,免费送我们吃这款鲷鱼烧饼他还告诉我们这款烧饼的模具是从韩国进口所以造型绝对是和韩国街头卖的一模一样小晶有提到之前在她居住的酒店楼下就有卖了,她想吃很久了其实使用的面粉糊和我们一般吃的Waffle相似,只是这是鱼的造型而且里头馅料是红豆这种鲷鱼烧饼在冷天时特别受欢迎因为冷天一手握着感觉超温暖的我们吃的没一口都会呼出热气,虽然只是简单的小吃不过在本地也是找不到的更多环境和图文:http://jazzlah.blogspot.sg/2013/11/korean-gil-cafe-ivory-plaza.html 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2013-07-22
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Korean Cafe Gil is where we’d go for lunchy whenever we’re craving for Korean food, delectable and authentic without burning a huge hole in our wallets purses. it is situated near to the USM Bukit Gambir’s gate, same row as Khaleel, opposite of Marry Brown.Korean Cafe Gil is a small cozy cafe which gives you homely feel, the only downside is, limited seating. if there is a bunch of you, make sure you arrive earlier, or after peak lunchy hours.i don’t recognize most of these korean pop singers :/cos i don’t really listen to pop music. but they are all pretty to look at. ease the boredom while waiting for food to be served.Ginger, Citron & Date Tea | RM 5; Green Tea | RM 2i like my Date Tea most, with small bits of date.Boodae Jjigae | RM 10kimchi soup with sausage and baked bean served with rice.kimchi served in heart-shaped saucer is complementary with every main dish you ordered.Dolsot Bimbimbap | RM 9mixed rice in hot-pot with chicken / beef.Gimchi Jjigyeo | RM 9kimchi soup with chicken / tuna served with rice.this is my all-time favourite. in fact, this is the only dish i’ll order whenever i patronize here :/.it’s flavourful enough for me. but somehow my friends find that it’s too bland for their liking. something you should know before dining here is, no MSG is added in your food (no pork & alcohol too!). i guess our taste buds are so used to MSG-laden food hence the food here might not be tasty to you.Ddukbokgi | RM 8spicy rice cake with fishbar and vegetable.http://constance-ant.com/2013/06/penang-lunchy-korean-cafe-gil-ivory-plaza/ 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2012-06-21
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This time I go to Korean Cafe Gil for a light tea-break with my friends.We like to go there as it is very near to our hostel.The ingredient inside is solely red bean paste. A set of fish waffles is 1 big fish and 1 small fish.We ordered 2 sets and it came out on the same plate.It is piping hot when served to us.It is very crispy.I ordered green tea but it turned out to be BOH green tea(local).I got a bit disappointed as I thought they sell Korean original green tea.But the green tea is still not bad to drink. 繼續閱讀
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