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等級4 2015-09-29
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Frequent patrons of Fahrentheit 88 might have noticed that Grand Harbour has been docking at the mall for nearly 3 years now, offering a moreish array of Oriental cuisine with the menu ranging from Dim Sum to fine Cantonese gourmet delicacies, all under the seasoned hands of maven chefs.It first embarked as a private kitchen where exact menu is not available, but instead customers are encouraged to dine in with their favourite or special request conveyed to the Chef. He will then dish out accordingly at his best, presenting you the freshest homey dish as you wish. As time passed, menu is soon introduced for the convenience of all walks of life in case they have not much idea what to eat and would like to browse through some option.The restaurant is set up with two concepts – Grand Harbour Dim Sum & Chinese Cuisine which has a refreshing contemporary and comfortable setting caters for different occasions with an elegant and sophisticated ambiance.Opulent dining rooms with grandeur and bright, soothing ambiance.In a blink of an eye, another Mid Autumn Festival is going to greet us real soon. In conjunction with the celebration mood, Grand Harbour has come up with a range of mooncake series anchored to the traditional flavours offering between baked butter pastries skin as well as snow skin type. All mooncake fillings are freshly made inhouse, hence customers could be assured of preservative-free and healthfully delicious mooncake baked fresh from the kitchen of Grand Harbour.But first, let’s sample some hearty recipes from the private kitchen of Grand Harbour, all skillfully woofed by experienced before relish in the scrumptious homemade mooncake.DOUBLE STEAMED ‘TIAN MA’ FISH HEAD SOUP (MYR 16/ BOWL)Double-boiled soup using various herbs like ‘tong chung cho’, grouper and ‘long tan’ fish. Every sip is saporous and flavourful with the seafood sweetnessBARBEQUE PORK & SUPERIOR SOY SAUCE CHICKENNicely glazed succulent char siew served together with tenderly juicy chicken meat. Just how the usual Chinese folks like it.FRIED YEE MEE WITH ASSORTED MUSHROOMS AND TRUFFLE OIL (MYR 19.80- SMALL)A marriage between East and West.The moment it arrives to my gustation, the presence of the truffle oil is already discernible due to its unique raciness. A rather interesting idea to be incorporated here.STIR-FRIED SOUR, SWEET, BITTER AND SPICY (MYR 18.50- SMALL | MYR 31.80 MEDIUM)As the given name depicted, diners can expect a plethora of flavours hovering between harmonious sweet- bitter acerbities from the bitter gourd, spiced up by the pickled Chinese veggies. So let’s discover the health benefits of bitter gourd now! STIR-FRIED KAILAN WITH FANG YU (MYR 18.50- SMALL | MYR 31.80 MEDIUM)Love the crisp and crunchy greens bites of the kai lan, stir-fried till sturdy to the palate. This is my kind of toothsome and healthy veggies plate.FRIED GLUTINOUS RICE WITH CRAB (MYR 85.80 FOR 5-6 PAX)This dish need advance order as it’s depending on the stock as the crab is sought from India.The Sri Lankan crab is rather huge and served atop a bed of texturized savoury glutinous rice and comfortably served up to 6 pax.STEWED ‘KAMPUNG CHICKEN’ WITH CHINESE WINE (MYR 33.80- SMALL | MYR 65.80 MEDIUM)Using free ranch chicken for the better meat texture and healthier choice, then cooked with rice wine and house special marinade and sauce, rendering a very flavorsome dish that easily goes well with a plate of white rice. The black fungus also adds some pleasant chewy bites too.Perhaps some space for several desserts first before ushering out the mooncakes? (=TEOCHEW SWEET YAM PASTE (MYR 7.50)CHILLED MANGO SAGO WITH PAMELO (MYR 9.80)CHILLED MANGO COCONUT PARFAIT (MYR 7.50)CHILLED COCONUT PUDDING (MYR 13.80)The new delight to be introduced this year spicing up your festive month is none other than the floral Sakura Chrysanthemum.SAKURA CHRYSANTHEMUM (MYR 18.80)Traces of flowers petals are evident, adding subtle fragrance to the tea-infused mooncake paste. It greets your taste bud with some flower fragrance before leaving you with subtle tea aroma aftertaste. Thankfully, it’s not too sweet too (= BLACK SESAME WITH WHITE LOTUS (MYR 18.80)SHANGHAI MOONCAKE SINGLE YOLK (MYR 17.80)SNOW SKIN YAM PASTE (MYR 16.80)Limited edition of corporate gift box is also available at MYR 128.80 for 4 pieces of selections from Sakura Chrysanthemum, White Lotus Double Yolk, Fruits Nut Mixture, White Lotus Paste)Overall, the mooncakes range are delectable and not so sweet, perfect as a corporate gift as well as present to our beloved parents. Hence, health-conscious folks has no reason to hold back any mooncake craving (since it’s just once in a year thingy) and could enjoy them joyfully. For best merriment, remember to sip a cup of tea or two to complement the Oriental tete-a-tete session. Happy Mooncake Festival guys!Cheers for now and follow us at Carpe Diem for more ‘food-ful’ discoveries! ❤ℒℴѵℯ❤GRAND HARBOUR| DIM SUM | CHINESE CUISINE.** Grand Harbour Mooncake is now available at its Mid Valley outlet and Fahrenheit too, located at Jalan Walter Grenier.Location: Lot LG2-01 (01) & LG2-01 (02), Lower Ground Two, Fahrenheit 88, 179, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala LumpurContact: +603-2141 1763Operations hours: Mon- Fri (10am – 1030pm) Sat, Sun & PH (9am – 1030pm)Website: http://grandharbour.com.my/ 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2015-01-29
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As we spend the night in the area for countdown, we decide to have dinner in this chinese restaurant. It looks quite grand from outside. The first level is for walk-in customers, while the upper level is for private kitchen. The restaurant looks quite grand with personal lifts within the restaurant.The 7 of us start the meal with Chrysanthuem Pu Er 菊普 ($3++/pax) tea for all. I order a number of dishes to accompany the plain rice 丝苗白饭 ($2++/ bowl).Barbeque Triple Combo 烧味三宝拼 (RM30.80++/Small)Roasted Crispy Pork (Siu Yok), Barbeque Pork (Char Siu) and Roasted Duck.The meat is served with plum sauce, mustard sauce and chilli sauce. The meats are well charred and tastes juicy and yummy.Jelly Fish Thai Style 泰式海蜇 (RM11.80++)It tastes crunchy but a bit bland in taste.Spicy Pickled Black & White Fungus 凉拌双耳 (RM6.80++)It does not taste spicy but rather strong in a vinegar taste.Double Steamed "Tian Ma" Fish Head Soup 天麻鱼头汤 (RM14.80++/ bowl)This soup is full of flavours. The fish is so tender that one can feel the bones melt in the mouth.Double Boiled Soup of the Day 时日炖汤 (RM14.80++/bowl)The soup of the day is Lotus root with pork rib soup. It tastes full bodied and flavourful.Pan-fried Sliced Fish with Ginger & Spring Onion 姜葱鱼片 (RM30.80++/small)The sliced fish looks more like deep fried than pan-fried.Hakka Steamed Chicken 客家蒸鹽鸡 (RM30.80++/ half serving)I am surprised at its huge serving. The chicken is quite tender and flavourful.Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables with Macadamia Nuts 雯果彩碟 (RM18.80++/small)This is the only dish in the restaurant which can be considered vegetarian according to the staff. It gives a nutty and crunchy texture.Stir-fried Vegetables with Salted Eggs & Century Eggs 金银蛋浸时菜 (RM16.80++/small)I am a bit disappointed with this dish as I could find the salted egg yolk in it. The taste is also a bit too bland.We end the meal with desserts such as Chilled Mango Sago with Pomelo 杨䃽甘露 (RM8.80++/glass), Glutinous Dumplings with Red Bean Paste 红豆沙汤丸 (RM7.80++/bowl), Teochew Sweet Yam Paste 潮州芋泥羮 (RM6.80++/bowl) and Almond Tea 手磨杏仁蛋白茶 (RM8.80++/bowl). But the desserts fail badly. The Chilled Mango Sago with Pomelo 杨䃽甘露 is served in glass, looking rather white, instead of the usual bright yellow in color. Although there is mango taste, but it is rather faint and I could not taste any pomelo in it.The Glutinous Dumplings with Red Bean Paste 红豆沙汤丸 fairs slighlty better. The dumplings seems to be the supermarket pack type, based on the texture and the red paste is not quite smooth.The Teochew Sweet Yam Paste 潮州芋泥羮 is worst that I have ever had before. It is too watery to be considered paste. It looks more like drinkable type than the oily smooth paste that one usually found in restaurants. It kinds of reminds one of the instant powder type with its taste. The Almond Tea 手磨杏仁蛋白茶 also tastes similar to the instant powder type, but it is not as watery as the yam paste. It is more the type that one usually found in Hong Kong style cha chaan teng cafes.Overall there is hits and misses in this restaurant. Best just have the main dishes and go other place for desserts. The desserts are simply a waste of money and stomach space. The service here is not bad, with tea refilled regularly. There is also free wifi been offered here. The place is quite crowded during peak dinner time, so best visit it early. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-02-08
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The savoury courses are tasty in their own rights but it was these creative desserts that won our hearts. We eat with our eyes too, after all. How adorable are the white rats? These are glutinous rice cake with shredded coconut. While they tasted good, I did take my time admiring them before 'murdering' them. Well the egg tarts looked relatively normal but they were one of the best I've tried, with extramely flaky crust and not too sweet custard. Superb! The teapot probably got the award for the most popular as it attracted another round of oohs and aahs around the table. And that's not all! When you tear the bun open, the golden oozy filling of salted egg yolk custard will send you to heaven immediately. The boss claimed that these Osmanthus Jelly will put Darlie and Colgate out of business because you won't bee to brush teeth for days from the fragrance. They are also good for your skin. I will admit that I had two of them. (Oh, I did brush my teeth that night though.)The very last item of the night were these beautiful swans. They are actually durian puffs! Quality durian was used judging by the aroma and taste. I envisage this restaurant to be very popular in 2013! 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-02-06
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This Grand Harbour restaurant located in Fahrenheit 88. Its a quite high class restaurant to enjoy fine chinese cuisine. They make alot of great nice craft on food and make it too adorable for people to eat.i ordered this Red dates cake for a try. Its so nice, not sweet but very smooth and bouncy feeling. It is also crafted in a very nice leaf shape makes you feel happy eating it. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-02-05
400 瀏覽
Docking at Fahrenheit 88's new Grand Harbour for all-day dim sum with a distinctive difference.Novelties here include animal-themed creations like shrimp dumplings topped with quail eggs ... ... super-cute swan-shaped puff pastry stuffed with thick durian paste (RM8.80+) ... ... & mice-like glutinous rice balls (RM7.80+) filled with custard & flaked with coconut.Bun as teapot (RM6.80+), teeming with steaming-hot egg yolk cream.Pumpkin pastry (RM6.80+), crisp on the outside, velvety-golden within.Grand Harbour's a safe port for pork; the siu yok here is exactly the way we like it ... ... though the char siew & roast duck might seem unmemorable. Good but not great. 繼續閱讀
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