Check Out These 8 Eateries Near Sunway University!
Sunway University students are very lucky to be situated in an area that presents some of the best delicacies out there. Most people’s knowledge of food in Sunway is limited to Sunway Pyramid, but in general Sunway is home to many amazing eateries worth visiting. Today, we’re going to check out the good stuff around Sunway University!

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Roll out the red carpet for their macarons — sink your teeth into them and you’ll find that they’re more velvety than the macarons you're used to. Essentially a must-try for all macaron lovers out there. Cakes are also available for your afternoon tea fix, all fresh out of the oven just like their pastries and cookies. Coffee lovers will also surely be tempted by their Black Americano into rating them 5-stars.

Say what, an Arthurian-themed café?! Step straight into a stylish English scene and have your meal be served by your most loyal knights from the kitchen. Of course, when there’s an Arthurian theme, there’s good tea — having some Moroccan mint tea is the classy way to go; and if that’s not classy enough for you? There are tea mocktails and tea ice-cream! Tea enthusiasts may enjoy to their hearts’ content.

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myBurgerLab baits you in with their unique burgers that you just can’t find in any other burger joints. The Ultraman Burger 3.0 will beguile you with its succulent fried chicken filling topped with a seductive amount of salted egg yolk. Not into burgers? There’s also a captivating selection of French fries, mashed potatoes and salads. 

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Mention “Hokkaido” and chances are Malaysians will come running in — we all know how good Hokkaido food is. Menya Miyabi serves up the most bona fide of Hokkaido-styled ramen. Their ramen selection is comparatively smaller to other ramen restaurants’, but what options they do offer all do their jobs well. Who can ever say no to a delicious bowl of Hokkaido-styled ramen?

Yoshinoya & Hanamaru Udon is a Japanese fast-food restaurant chain utilizing self-service. There’s a wide selection of udon to choose from. A nice bowl of Tori Dashi Udon will have the rest of your day set in stone. The broth is pure in colour and thin; and if you’re looking for a stronger flavour, help yourself to a few drops of our good old pal  soy sauce!

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Sweet tooth lovers will have the time of their lives at this Japanese café-cum-bakery that presents a range of uniquely crafted desserts. The Classic Fuji will bring a smile to your face and lift your spirits on a bad day with its milky and creamy soft-serve atop freshly baked Danish bread with some red bean paste on the side. Even your phone will gladly “eat” it because it’s Instagram-worthy.

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Upstairs Café must be having a field day punning us with their name — indeed they’re located upstairs in a two-storey building. They serve royalty-level breakfast every morning, so be sure to pop by to get the nutrients you need for the rest of the day. If you have a bit more time to spare, why not indulge in some of their extremely tantalizing waffles for dessert? You know you can’t resist them!

If you’re an Instagram user and you haven’t been to this place, what have you been doing?! Hop in and whip out your phone cameras because the place is exploding with all sorts of aesthetics! But don’t let your camera distract you from hopping onto the food as well. The menu is brimming with creativity from start to end — the food presentation will be enough to convince you.

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