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Sukiyaki Pasta Chococro The Classic Fuji Dessert
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The Chococro craze is here! Popular Japanese café chain St. Marc Café opens its first Malaysian outlet at Selangor’s Sunway Pyramid mallPetaling Jaya, 25 November 2016 – Pastries baked fresh in-store, a delectable array of desserts, signature beverages and premium coffees are just some of the delicious treats that St. Marc Café is known and loved for. The popular Japanese café chain has over 410 outlets in Japan alone , and has now opened its first Malaysian outlet at Selangor’s Sunway Pyramid shopping and entertainment mall . St. Marc Café was first opened by founders Naoyuki Katayama and Ritsuko Fuji back in 1987 in Ginza, Tokyo, and is now renowned throughout Japan for its signature creation, the Chococro. This delightful concoction features more than 20 layers of buttery croissant dough, wrapped around a dark chocolate made from the finest cocoa beans from Ghana and Ecuador . What makes this croissant unique is the texture of the pastry itself . Founder Naoyuki Katayama discovered it by accident one day after skipping the fermentation process when making the croissant dough, resulting in a pastry that is denser and richer, and creating one of St. Marc Café’s bestsellers to date. In addition to the famous original chocolate version, there are currently over 100 varieties of Chococro, which are sold seasonally depending on the time of the year . St. Marc Café is also known for its soft-serve ice cream desserts, which are infused with traditional Japanese flavours and ingredients, and are a hit with children and adults alike. Café-goers can also enjoy a wide range of parfait desserts that are certain to please even the fussiest sweet tooth . St. Marc Café prides itself in creating and baking all of its pastries in-house, ensuring their freshness and quality. The café’s open-kitchen concept allows customers to see how the pastries are made, as well as enjoy the aroma of freshly-baked goods . “we are excited to bring in St. Marc Café , one of Japan’s biggest café chains, and the first Japanese café franchise in Malaysia,” said St. Marc Café General Manager Mohamad Ridhwan . “Here, customers can enjoy a variety of freshly-baked goods made with the highest quality ingredients , from pastries and sandwiches to in-house specialties such as our rich hot chocolate, Fuji soft serves and parfaits, and of course, our famous Chococro .” Takafumi Miyake, Managing Director of Saintmarc South East Asia Pte Ltd, added, “I am very proud to be here for the opening of our first outlet in Malaysia. St. Marc Café has a longstanding history of offering freshly-baked pastries made available in-house, and we look forward to working with our colleagues in Malaysia to share our creations, and hope that our café will continue to bring joy to our customers.” St. Marc Café has over 410 outlets in Japan alone, and can also be found in the USA, the Philippines, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and now, Malaysia. The new outlet in Selangor is located at the following address and is open from 10am to 10pm daily. CHOCOCRO - RM 6.50 per piece , RM 30.00 for box of 5A signature item that has been around for over 15years, Chococro has been a staple in St. Marc Café.Baked fresh daily, we also provide over 100 seasonalChococro varieties for the enjoyment of our Chococrolovers.With more than twenty layers of buttery croissant doughwrapped around a dark chocolate center that is made from a blendof the finest Ghana and Ecuador cocoa beans, enjoy it over and overagain . CLASSIC FUJI - RM19.00One of the most popular dessert items in Japan.St. Marc Café's signature golden brown butterDanish topped with Azuki (red beans), Kuromitsu(black honey), premium Matcha powder, cappedwith soft-serve vanilla ice cream . St. Marc Café Sunway Pyramid Mall, Blue Atrium,Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway,Petaling Jaya, Selangor 46150 . 3  continue reading
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Level4 2016-10-20
到过日本几次都有经过这家分行满天下得甜品店都闻到很香的牛油气味,那时为了省钱加日本街头的小吃实在太多,所以这个甜品店我一次也没来过。。。好在现在在Sunway Pyramid 这里也能吃到了,挑了一天心情好来着看哦,来!我们来吃甜品!! 话说回来,坐在我隔壁桌有一个男生,自己一个人点了和我一样的Little Fuji在那里大口吃,很少看到男生吃甜点到那么享受,我不禁在想是有多好吃。。哈哈! Little Fuji- RM18 这和平时我们看到雪糕配瓦芙或是配面包的甜点很不同,底下金黄色的是千层派皮!!牛油味道非常非常浓,果然日本口味的牛油是最棒的..好香!雪糕呢也不是从冷藏库取出来硬梆梆地雪糕,而是软雪糕,所以吃的时候手脚要快些,不然融化得非常快。和上面的焦糖酱一起吃。。。不夸张,那一刻有全身毛孔都打开的感觉,开心!千层派也好吃,雪糕底下还有一些烤得香脆的杏仁片,算是彩蛋,给你惊喜一下。 好吃归好吃不够这个价钱有点高,RM18都可以吃一份商场里头的正餐了。。 Iced Matcha Latte- RM15.5老吴太快手了,一端来就马上吸了一大口! 价钱也是偏高,绿茶的香味稍嫌淡,不够香浓,普普通通。 整体我很满意那个甜点,不过因为消费偏高,可能要遇到特别节日才敢来这里犒赏自己了。 ♡♡KC continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)