Juicy Chicken Claypot Recipe 棒棒鸡食谱

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Juicy Chicken Claypot Recipe 棒棒鸡食谱
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This claypot juicy chicken recipe will sure to get you to add another bowl of rice because its chicken cubes and the brinjal is so tender and soft!
这道棒棒鸡食谱是甜美的菜肴,放入口中的鸡丁或茄子呈现多汁口感。其酱汁很适合搭配白饭, 有了饭香就显得更好滋味。中餐里的煮法往往可以把食物配合的恰到好处。
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Ingredient and Portion
Ingredient A: / 材料A :
1 drumstick meat (diced) / 1个 鸡腿肉(切丁)
1 eggplant (cut into large shreds)1条 茄子(切粗条)
3 onions (peel into pieces) / 3粒 葱头(拨开成片)
100ml water / 100毫升 清水
pinch of cornstarch / 适量 薯粉水

Ingredient B: / 材料B:
50g ginger slice / 50克 姜片
3 red chili / 3条 红指天椒
10g green onion (cut to piece) / 10克 青葱(切段)
2 tbsp teriyaki sauce / 2大匙 日本烧酱
1/2 tbsp oyster sauce / 1/2大匙 蚝油
1/2 tbsp soy sauce / 1/2大匙 酱油
1/2 tbsp Shaoxin rice wine / 1/2大匙 绍兴酒
1/4 tsp salt / 1/4小匙 盐
1/2 tsp chicken powder / 1/2小匙 鸡精粉
1/4 tsp sugar / 1/4小匙 糖
1/2 tsp dark soy sauce / 1/2小匙 黑酱油
1.Add in 1 tbsp soy sauce into chicken meat and mixed evenly, marinated for 5minutes. Pan-fry it until turn to golden yellow, drain.
鸡丁里加入1大匙酱油搅拌均匀,腌渍5分钟。放入热油里,慢火炸至金黄色,盛起, 沥油,备用。

2.Pan-fry the onion for few seconds, drain. Again, pan-fry the eggplant till turn golden yellow, drain.
同热油里加入葱头片氽泡一下,盛起,沥油 。加入茄子,炸至金黄色,盛出,备用。

3.Put 1 tbsp cooking oil and turn it to low heat with add in Ingredient B, stir in chicken meat, pour in water and turn to high heat. Add in seasoning and stir evenly. Then add in the fried eggplant and onion and stir together. Pour in thicken cornstarch, turn off heat and ready to eat.
镬里留1大匙食油,慢火爆香材料B,加入 鸡丁伴匀,注入清水,大火煮沸。加入调味 料伴匀,再加入炸过茄子和葱头片翻炒片刻 。加入薯粉水勾芡,熄火,即可上桌。

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