Drunken Chicken Recipe 醉鸡食谱

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Drunken Chicken Recipe 醉鸡食谱
Fragrant Chinese wine that absorbs into the chicken meat would be another way to cook this up! Recipe as below:

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Ingredients/ 材料
Steps/ 步骤
Drunken Chicken Recipe 醉鸡食谱
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Ingredient and Portion
2 chicken whole leg / 鸡全腿 2只
5g DangGui / 当归 5克
10g GouQi / 枸杞 10克
200ml Chinese Cooking Wine / 绍兴酒 200毫升
Dash of Salt and Pepper / 盐和胡椒粉 适量
1. Whole leg chicken deboned, and then marinate with salt and pepper for 20 minutes. (pic 1)

2. Wash DangGui and GouQi, and then boil with 500ml of water in high neat, once boiled, simmer in low heat for 30 minutes and filter the soup for later use. (pic 2)

3. Roll marinated drumstick into cone shape and wrap with aluminum foil; and then boil in boiling water for 20 minutes or until cooked. (pic 3)

4. Let the chicken drumstick cool down, remove foil; place it with herbal soup and wine in a container, keep overnight. Slice to serve. (pic 4)
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