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Level3 2016-02-23
Little Hainan adopted the policy of food serving according to meal hours in which you will only get the menu for breakfast during morning time, lunch sets in the afternoon and dinner plates in the evening. The quantity of the food prepared every day seem the same, regardless during weekends or public holidays, assuming this is to ensure the freshness of the food.When the quantity of the servings are limited, the Order Taker will inform you, for instance, “We have only 2 plates of chicken rice left.” Once I have been told no char siew for Mee Kolo but only mincemeat. I asked for a discount or substitution but was been told impossible. This is the part I feel Little Hainan should improve on if it wants to retain the number of the customers and to welcome them to revisit the restaurant.The steam chicken rice is quite typical in its taste despite the ‘onigiri’ or rice balls that look cute and manage in decorating the plate. You might like the pickled cucumber slices if you don’t mind of the sweet instead of sourly taste. Chicken is tender and the rice has its nice fragrance. A bowl of soup will be provided to sooth the dryness of the rice set. continue reading
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