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Level3 2016-04-13
The bear has invaded the town! Stay calm, Kuma the bear is super adorable. Showing the bear’s paw with its unique pads, Kuma Mono will make you unwillingly in biting the bun once you hold it on your hand.This Taiwanese street snack stall has worked on a concept of take-and-go, with Kuma bun that appears in the shape of bear’s paw as the main treasure of the stall. The bun has come with 3 flavours: milk, brown sugar and wholegrain, and you can choose to sandwich it together with Kuma’s chicken, Karage crispy chicken, Karage spicy chicken or Oishii fish fillet and add in condiment of tarta sauce, black pepper sauce, chhesse or sesame sauce. The presentation of the whole sandwich is very attractive but most importantly, the chicken is crisp from the outside and juicy from the inside. One thing should be improved by the stall owner is thinking of a way to get rid of the smell of the frozen bun, as it is not in a pleasant aroma of a freshly bake bun. Besides Kuma bun, the stall also serves curry fish balls, wedges, and drinks. continue reading
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