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Level2 2016-01-13
Elementary Coffee Roasters is owned by a group of aspiring young entrepreneurs (hot looking young men to be precise) who aspire to market their coffee shop and make it a well known brand throughout the whole of Sarawak. The coffee beans that they use to make coffee drinks are especially imported from Australia and are personally roasted by hot looking baristas.Since it had just opened up at Viva City, hubby and I decided to pop in for a try. Upon entering the shop, we were greeted by the smell of freshly grounded coffee. The coffee shop itself has a simple and spacey feel allowing you to easily maneuver around. We ordered a chamomile tea and a caffe latte with an orange poppy seed cake. On to the reviews :Chamomile tea ( they had a fancy name for it; teardrop pyramid chamomile blossom). While I didn't shed any teardrops drinking the tea, I did enjoy the taste of the tea which was heavily infused with chamomile flowers (me likely!)The caffe latte. The owner was very generous and provided the latte as a complimentary drink free of charge ( me likely freebies!) The owner actually came by to our table to explain how they roast the coffee to give it a distinct taste. While I'm no coffee lover, I was impressed by the details given and the passion displayed by the owner. Hubby drank the coffee and had some opinion...apparently he would have preferred of they had served a little biscuit to accompany the coffee (minus off one star) and it would probably look better if they had served the coffee in a ceramic cup instead of a paper cup (minus off another star) for the price that they are selling. Other than that, the coffee itself tasted great and flavorful. Definitely a master coffee roaster at hand. The orange poppy seed cake however has some room for improvement. The cream cheese was a little to hard and dense and the cake itself  was a little bland. Not bad but didn't really make an impression. Upon being told of the quality of the cake, the owner promised to look into the issue and promised that the next time we come back they will definitely improve. Nothing better than a passionate owner So folks, if you are shopping at Viva, do drop by Elementary Coffee Roasters and give their coffee a try. They might just be your next favourite cafe.  continue reading
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