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Char Koay Teow Hainanese Chicken Rice Nasi Goreng
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Level3 2014-06-05
Eastern & Oriental Hotel, Penang Sarkies Corner Buffet is very well known for their buffet, serving good food with a lot variety but this is our first time to visit after temptation by so many great review by all food writer. Sarkies Corner offer a wide selection of delicious local and international delicacy together with bottomless wine, beer and fruit punch. The fine design and decoration of food has allowed me to take almost 100 photos which might cause slowness if I will to load all into single page hence I will separate into two page which the first post will focus on Introduction and Appetizer, appetizer, second post is Main Dish while third post will put focus on Dessert.We start our appetizer with Sushi and Sashimi which just at the entrance of Sarkies Corner, various type of Sushi available for selection and Salmon is our choice as it really look great with layer of fat and meat. We just took one type of Rice Based Sushi to avoid reaching our quota so fast, the Salmon Sushi is very nice with fresh Salmon and Japanese Rice is just awesome. Other Sushi as well looks very good indeed.Read more: http://www.tasteiest.com/2010/11/eo-sarkies-corner-buffet-part-i-introduction-and-appetizer-2.html#ixzz33jNtYWyhGreat thing come next is the Sashimi, Oyster lover will definitely in love with Sarkies Corner Buffet because they has unlimited supply of raw oyster that keep on refill till we left. Oyster is really big and fresh taking with lemon is extremely delicious where the sea taste just came out from nowhere.Read more: http://www.tasteiest.com/2010/11/eo-sarkies-corner-buffet-part-i-introduction-and-appetizer-2.html#ixzz33jNvvLvdSashimi corner should not miss the Salmon Sashimi, fresh thick cut of Salmon sashimi is so inviting and we has taking a lot of it with the wasabi is just a perfect combination, next to the Salmon is prawn, big prawn but the prawn texture is a bit hard and chewy.Read more: http://www.tasteiest.com/2010/11/eo-sarkies-corner-buffet-part-i-introduction-and-appetizer-2.html#ixzz33jNxztSU continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-24
Whenever the question regarding where to hold our department's lunch event arises, Sarkies Corner in E&O Hotel is usually the top choice. Given that it is buffet-style (yay to myself), within our department's budget (we have a corporate discount card), and halal-certified (we have Muslim colleagues), there are few other choices that makes this decision a no-brainer. At least most of the time.From my past experience, I know that the queue gets crazily-long at certain stations. Therefore, I have strategized beforehand and took the effort to arrive earlier than most of my colleagues.The first station that I hit was the meat section. The roasted duck is usually good, and this visit is of no exception. While I was at it, I also asked for some steamed chicken. Be sure to ask for some plum sauce to go with the duck.The next station that I quickly hit was for char koay teow. Since the chef only works on 1-2 plates at a time, you bet the queue will be very long when there are many hungry mouths to feed. Although not comparable to the masterpieces from Ah Leng, the Sarkies Corner can cook up pretty nice versions of its own.Now that other people are starting to pile up at those stations, I headed to the seafood section instead. Among the dishes available are oysters, mussels, shrimps, salmon (raw and smoked), eel (smoked) etc. Strictly speaking, the food isn't all that impressive. But for the price that we are paying, we need to do justice by inflicting a decent amount of damage to E&O by grabbing some expensive seafood dishes.As for the mainstream dishes (such as chicken, mutton, fried rice, noodles, squid and others), they are just so-so. At least, the variety at Sarkies Corner is more than other similarly-priced buffet restaurants in Penang.For desserts, I took a colorful assortment of cakes and puddings. In fact, I notice that cakes run out quickly around halfway through the lunch hour, and not all types are replenished. If you are a cake-addict, I recommend that you head there before your favorites are depleted.In addition, I made an ice cream for myself. There are usually 5-6 flavors to choose from. But why choose when you can try all? Just for fun, I added a piece of marshmallow on top. Looks silly, doesn't it?Finally, I made myself a bowl of Ice Kacang. Go liberal with the ingredients because it is self-service anyway. Just to seal the deal, the shaved ice was garnished with a slice of grapefruit. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-05
Sarkies Corner offers a variety of Eastern cuisine such as Malaysian, Indonesian and Thai cuisines.Tom Yam meehoonThis tom yam meehon is just average. The tom yam soup lacks sourness which is the essence of tom yam soup. It is not very spicy and can be tolerated by many people. It lacks fillings of the soup. When compared to other stalls or restaurants that sell tom yam soup, this restaurant is not performing very well. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-04
Sarkies Corner is a restaurant servings a wide range of cuisines. Normally, you will go to this place to have some breakfast or brunch (Breakfast and Lunch).Ice-cream PancakeThis dish is the ice cream pancake. The ice cream is the vanilla ice cream. They added some caramel on the top of the ice cream too. The ice cream is really smooth and soft. It tastes very nice. Not too sweet too. The pancake is a little bit not really nice but once you eat it with the ice cream then it tastes better. continue reading
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Level3 2013-11-30
Sarkies Corner is one of the dining area of the renowned Eastern & Oriental Hotel in Penang. i was there for their seafood buffet, and i must say i am impressed! with the food variety and quality!and here's some of my favourites!Alaska crabbies.succulent oysters. i love it with just some lemon juice drizzled on.they were my target that night. i gulp them down one by one. slimy but yummy!salmon ala tapas style.sushi is also available at Japanese Corner!and glorious sashimi too!the salmon slices were thick and oh-so-fresh! my second favourite dish after oyster.sizzling lamb, salmon, seafoods, or satay..chefs will be there to grill them to perfection for you. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)