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By : ChhaSuddenly ! it seems like a lot a lot of people are crazy over the one korean food made famous by one korean food restaurant, what food you ask ? haha .. is Dak Galbi (닭갈비) of course ! Well, we did not go to the that one famous Dak galbi restaurant here in Penang because there were a lot of people lining up outside the restaurant waiting for their turn to dine in. So we decided to go to the other korean restaurant which is just few blocks away. Which we heard, has been operating there for some time now, probably around a year or so. It is 春川 ChunCheon Korean Food Restaurant at Vantage, Penang near to Tasco Tanjong Tokong.The moment when we walk up the stairs to ChunCheon Korean Food Restaurant we can already smell the nice aroma of the Dak Galbi cooking in ChunCheon Korean Food Restaurant. It makes us feel so hungry. haha ! The business in ChunCheon is not bad either, we still have to line up and wait for around 30 minutes before there is an empty table for us to eat.The environment of ChunCheon Korean Food Restaurant is nice but probably due to alot of people dining in on the day of our visit, it is really hot in here. The owner even bring out extra portable air cooler for their customer.The service there is really good, especially from the owner of ChunCheon Korean Food Restaurant but the waiter and waitress service is 'not-bad' only, haha !We do need to wait for awhile before our food is served as the ChunCheon Korean Food Restaurant is pack with people.This is the how the Dak Galbi looks like once it arrive at our table.This is how it looks like when it is fully cooked, haha ! It is RM 26.00 per serving and we must order minimum 2 serving.This is actually a mixture of stir-fried chicken with onion, cabbage and sweet potato in gochujang (red chilli paste) sauce. It is tasty, the chicken is soft but in small pieces. The gochujang is not very spicy and there is some sweet taste to it. The sweet potato goes well with the cabbage and the mixture is really yummy !From the menu, you can order other additional dish to mix into the Dak Galbi. There are Fried Rice (RM 6.00), Ramen (RM 6.00), U-Dong (RM 8.00), Rice Cake (RM 6.00) and Cheese (RM 8.00).Well, honestly we don't know what U-Dong is and we feel weird to add Cheese to a Dak Galbi but we don't want to eat Fried Rice, so we added Ramen and Rice Cake.The Dak Galbi comes in a set with side dish of vegetables, kimchi and plain water.Piglets RatingFood : 8/10Environment : 7/10 ( If too many people, will be hot )Service : 8/10Address :A1-6 & A1-7,Vantage Desiran Tanjung,Jalan Tanjung Bungah,10470, Tanjung Tokong,Penang.Business Hours ailyLunch : 11am - 3pmDinner : 6pm - 10pmService Charge : 10%Government Tax : 6%Wifi : YesPosted Date : 19 May 2015Posted Time : 3.17 pm continue reading
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