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Level4 2013-01-26
I have never heard of this place until I came across the deal at Living Social previously.Blend Mix is a place where offers Western and Nyonya fusion cuisines.It is pretty easy to locate the place if you're alert as there are many shop houses around that area.It locates exactly opposite UOB Bank @ Bishop Street.Chocolate Drinks ( RM 6.20 per glass ) Ahhh...the drinks : Definitely overprice and yet nothing special. The sweetness of level is too low. When the ice cubes started to melt, the chocolate drinks turns almost tasteless. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Before Blend Mix, the place was so call Strait Kitchen, I still remember the time when I went to there, I thought strait kitchen is in some where in Strait Quay cause the word "Strait" but after I google it, I found that I'm wrong so this place give me quite a deep impression, so do the food. So when I buy the Blend Mix voucher, I never thought that the Strait Kitchen had been closed and re-open a new restaurant, until I stand in front of it.The Strait Kitchen is a nostalgia place, while the Blend Mix is modern and clean, not to said that Strait Kitchen is not clean but the property at there is quite old.The restaurant in chinese call 圆蜜 it's a quite strange nameMy brother and I had bought a voucher so one of us will consume it, the voucher contain soup, main course, drinks and desserts. The soup is mushroom soup, my brother said the taste is very nice and richness, he feel that the soup is using powder to cook, and I feel wow this quite amazing for using a powder can cook such a richness mushroom soup. While for the main course, my brother had choose Chicken Cordon Blee, as you can see, the cheese flow out is so many, I had forced my brother to cut the Chicken cordon bleu so I can take a picture of the inner, and the inner make me feel the dish so delicious.The sauce that they serve up together with the chicken cordon bleu is special make, the taste I feel it quite similar with the sauce that the chicken rice stall give, since my brother don't like the sauce, I had take it and eat it with my spaghetti. I can feel they got put ginger and garlic to mix with the sauce. My favourite food ^^ When I order I ask whether can add more chilli flake for me then they said they just will put black pepper, so I continue to ask, if they can give me some green chilli since I saw they got sell nyonya food and I guess they should have some green chilli stock in their kitchen, then they agree with that.For me, I think the aglio olio is quite nice. But I don't like the taste of celery, this is the first time I saw people put celery in the aglio olio, if you didn't bite the celery then the taste is not bad, but when you bite the celery then the taste is weird. Other than that, the spaghetti is just nice. Latte, I not sure why i had already put so many sugar, it still so bitter. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)