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Level1 2018-09-27
Last week my first time coming to Melaka! After dinner at the mall, then I shop a while and then saw for this shop! I saw quite a lot of people dining in here! So I just come in and have a look for the Mille crepe cake! And the staff recommended me for the premium blueberry cheese and royal milk tea cake! So I bought for this 2 cakes as take away! They also gave for the little ice pack inside for the take away box ! It tasted so creamy and not so sweetie! The blueberry cheese and royal milk tea are so fresh And it is worthy for the price ! 😋😋👍 continue reading
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Level3 2014-06-17
The place is located in one end of the shopping mall. There is both indoor and outdoor dine in area. There is 2 queues at the door, one for dine in and another for takeaway. Although there is quite of mille crepes available, but about half of the mille crepes listed in the menu are not available. Besides its well known mille crepes, it also offers drinks and main courses. The place is quite beautifully decorated in whites and blues.White Peony Lemon Tea (RM9.50/ Pot)The tea is served in a pot with serving for 2. The tea is quite light and hot water is refillable.Lychee Ice Green Tea (RM6.80)A refreshing drink with lychee and red wolf berries in it.Malacca Shake (RM8.50)Although it is made of gula melaka (brown sugar), it tastes thick and not very sweet.Green Tea Mille Crepe (RM9.90/ Slice)I do not quite like its green tea taste as I feel that the green taste is a bit off in taste. It feel a bit powdery to me.Banana Chocolate Mille Crepe (RM9.90/ Slice)This one tastes slightly better as it has the soft banana which blends better. But tastes quite jelat without the banana.Chocolate Rum Mille Crepe (RM9.90/ Slice)The cake comes highly recommedation by the staff as it is the cake of the month. It is alcoholic as the raisins are soaked in rum. It gives the cake an exciting feel and less jelat in taste too.Total Bill is RM54.50.As the cafe is packed, it is quite difficult to get the attention of the staffs. Overall I feel that the standard of the mille crepe cakes have dropped over the years. The cakes do not taste as good as they used to be. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-05
The famous mile crepe that has been rooted in Melaka since years back blossomed to the many branches within Melaka town itself, as well as the recent one in Petaling Jaya. It has became a must visit stop on the list of foodies when they step foot in Melaka. Fortunate for the people in Melaka, they get to enjoy theses amazing layer crepe slices whenever they feel like it. The Nadeje also sell few dishes for the main course but that really arent their forte, rather the cakes were the ones that is selling really good. The branch within the Mahkota Parade shopping mall (the one right across the dataran pahlawan shopping mall) is chic and comfortable to lounge with their alluring couches and comfy pillows. The seating and the interior of this place is very comfortable and suitable for casual meals amongst family and friends. The surrounding at this place is relatively decent and clean. Somewhat clean and comfortably pleasant, this is a good place to dine. To some extend I must say that cleanliness and the appearance of the shop plays quite a crucial role in keeping their customers happy and returning. continue reading
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Level3 2013-10-04
We have long heard of the famous Nadeje Patisserie (aka Nadeje Cake House), being pioneer in Mille Crepe and rumoured to be maintaining at its best in the industry.Opened in 2006, this patisserie has been given the name “Nadeje”, which means “Hope” in Czech, selling only one type of cake: the Mille Crepe. Now in year 2012, it has 3 branches in Malacca (Plaza Mahkota, Mahkota Parade and Jaya 99) with a wide range of food from cake to a complete meal. We couldn’t get the indoor seats as it was packed on weekends, which left us no choice but to settle with Al Fresco seats instead. While the weather was hot and stuffy, we were forced to face bad service due to insufficient staffs in attending the crowd’s needs. Cakes were then ordered in front of counter, with less than friendly and slight snobbish service shown by the staff.Rum and Raisin Mille Crepe, RM9Preserved black raisin with slight fragrance of rum. It was moderately sweet, just perfect for me.The texture was smooth while fresh cream acts as lubricant, spreading layers in the tongue, giving out rich taste of that particular flavour as if it actually melts.Crêpe is a very thin pancake and especially popular throughout French, with ingredients of flour, eggs, milk, butter and a pinch of salt.As the word Mille means “Thousand” in French, together it implies many layers of thin pancakes, spread with fresh cream in between. Assembling Mille Crepe could be a tedious task which requires patience in keeping each layer perfectly symmetrical and the evenness of each layer with right amount of fresh cream. Therefore it is of no wonder that this piece of perfection would easily reach RM9 each. Mango Yogurt Mille Crepe, RM9.50Amazed by the rich mango flavour hidden in the jellyOverall, the cakes at Nadeje were definitely better than those of cake counters that I’ve had at KL, with flavour hidden in crepe layers itself instead of fresh cream only. However, I couldn’t agree more with other bloggers that the cakes were over-rated, slightly under my expectation given the verdicts and its reputation. Furthermore, the unfriendly staffs along with cramp seating would certainly hold me back. Not to mention the stuffy hot condition in Al Fresco seating. Even though cake quality is of main priority, the dining pleasure should not be neglected too. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-01
Nadeje Patisserie Cafe is one of the most-visit places in Melaka that is famous for their sinful and delicious Mille Crepe. Nadeje is well located near the Dataran Pahlawan and the shop itself is easily spotted as it occupied 2-3 shoplots on a scratch. Nadaje established since 2006. Nadeje prides itself on its quality fresh ingredients and finest handmade Mille CrepeThe word mille means “a thousand”, implying the many layers of crepe and making the mille crepes is not an easy task though by layering each of the cake on the thin slice. Nadeje has over 20 different mille crepes, however not all the flavours are available everyday. So it greatly depends on your luck to get your favourite flavor.I had mine with the Rum and Raisin flavours. The cakes is well layered and we can find some lovely raisin between with the infused rum with it. The cakes gave a good aroma of the rum in between it as well as the it’s texture is simply smooth. The mille crepes just melts in the mouth. continue reading
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