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Level3 2016-05-18
Melaka raya, a town center where tons of eateries are located here, ranging from high-rave café, restaurant and local mamak which will cause you facing dilemma to choose. How about sparing a morning and enjoy an authentic piece of roti canai?This shop is indeed a hidden gem in the town and yes, you might doubt that do they really sell roti canai here, given that “otak otak” is written on the sign board of the store front.Though it looks like a Chinese kopitiam, but this place draws lots of local patrons early in the morning to get their roti canai cravings fix.Their specialty would be their roti telur cheese. Fluffy dough with egg and generous amount of cheese stuffed inside, simple ingredients and it would be the best local breakfast to kick starts your day.It’s super cheesy for every bite. Not the crispy type of roti canai but fluffy and chewy. I would recommend you to request for their curry sauce and dip the roti canai into the milky curry sauce to complete your meal.Look at how much cheese is being stuffed inside! Expect to leave here with a bloated tummy!If cheese is not your thing, you can go for their other options including roti telur, roti bawang or even the simplest roti kosong. While flipping over the newspaper, enjoying your favorite piece of roti canai with a cup of teh tarik, here go the perfect combination for a morning breakfast. continue reading
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