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Butter Crab Nyonya Steam Fish
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Level4 2012-09-17
Despite the less than conservative name, Handsome Seafood Restaurant actually does serve some handsomely tasty seafood.Came by to try the seafood as recommended by a local Malaccan, but what I would like to highlight is the crab.The crab came last, after all the other dishes came, so apparently it was saved for last.The butter gravy that came with the crab was the dry-ish type, not the typical wet claypot type. The crabs served were the big type, which I am fond of. Once I cracked open the shell, the crab meat was firm and flavourful, which indicates that the crab meat was very fresh. The butter gravy seeps into the shell, giving it a very nice mixture of crab and butter flavour. The butter gravy was very rich and tasty, I literally ate it just like that since it was too dry to be dipped with fried mantou.It was so delicious that we ordered for another 1 more kg, which in the end was a very satisfying meal. continue reading
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