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Level2 2015-07-17
I have to say I am a proud Malacca citizen. Following my previous article, I am still going to talk about the varieties of food that we have here in Melaka. Moving back to the same restaurant, which is my aunt Portuguese restaurant in Ujong Pasir Melaka which is called as the “De’Lisbon restaurant”. The food there are serve really well especially the Curry Deval and the Portuguese Baked fish.The next dish, I would like to share from my aunt restaurant is the Creamy Butter Chicken. Unlike the one that we get in Kuala Lumpur, here in Melaka the Portuguese creamy butter chicken is indeed really delicious and mouthwatering. The chicken is first been fry until it gets golden brown which is totally crispy if you were to take a bite of it. Added the curry leaf or better known as “daun kari” garlic, chilies or we Malaysians called as the “cili padi” which is been cut into smaller pieces and then been fried together and then the butter would soon be added and at the same time the milk too. The taste of the creamy butter chicken is really thick and spicy, not that spicy though. However, if you would like more spiciness, you could ask for more chilies. The scent of the dish is really good. It is a something that everyone should try if you were to go to the Portuguese settlement.Next at the same shop I would recommend the “nasi lemak” which has a really strong scent of the pandan leaf and the coconut milk. It is indeed a good food to eat during the morning. However, my beloved aunt will rather sell it at night begin from 7;30 till 1 am. People would be buying it because the “nasi lemak” is really good plus it will be even more delicious if you eat it with her homemade “sambal prawn” or “sambal sotong”. It is indeed a drooling scene.Lastly, one of my favoritedish from her is the “asam pedas”. Just mentioning the ord it makes me to drool. The “asam pedas” is nice to been eaten by the “pari” or the “tenggiri” fish. It is not really that spicy for me though. The spicy and sour taste really do awaken your taste buds. The lady finger makes it perfect as you start to munch o0n this dish. Adding on to it, they will serve it with plain rise and salted egg. Which is a dish that everyone should indeed try.Because if you do try, you want more. continue reading
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