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Level4 2013-09-18
For pizza, we had Roma which is one of the signatures from Urbano too. The thin crispy base pizza topped with the Urbano e Fresco signature tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, roasted steak strips, button mushroom, red onion and capsicum. The chewy taste from theof the steak taste is incredibly nice and delicious and each mouthful of the sliced pizza is just superb.Price: RM 31.90 (9”) . RM 26.90 (12”) / RM43.90 (16”) continue reading
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这个Aglio Olio Mushroom with Arugula看起来让人觉得很好吃。其实吃下去味道也还好。首先我觉得虽然它的蘑菇很好吃很新鲜,可是味道并没有完全进去面条里面。味道也不是很辣,缺少了aglio olio的灵魂。 continue reading
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Have been eating A LOT since last week and yesterday I've wento the Fat Spoon that used Grandma's Recipe. If you haven't catch the post, here's the quick link. The place where I went today was also a place that focus on homemade food. Here I present to you.........Urbano e Fresco! You need not go to Italy to taste their food. Just drop by Urbano e Fresco, you get to eat the authentic Italian food without travelling all the way to Italy. 12noon till 3pm would be the best timing for lunch and Urbano also serve set meal if you're looking for value yet delicious meal. The food served in Urbano often prepared with fresh and best quality ingredients. Some even came all the way from Italy! Besides the food, you can also purchase the special sauce from Urbano e Fresco. All the sauces and ingredients sold in Urbano e Fresco were manufacture in Italy itself and distribute to Malaysia. Another thing that got me interest towards these ingredients were the design of the bottles. They were so damn cute! What to expect when you step into a Italian cuisine restaurant? All I can say was expect the unexpected. Hehe.The surroundings of the environment was pretty quiet and calm. Suitable for those who needed a less crowded place to dine in. Other than that, the interior design of the place was simple and neat. Not to mention that they were quite special too. Simple yet extraordinary mural that was painted on the wall made the whole place more calm and outstanding. I would say that they were really good in modernizing the original vintage style. Impressive. I really admired how they used their creativity for decorations.Who would ever thought of using these for decorations? By the way, what do you called these again? Lol. They also have the vintage style huge camera that we usually watch them on TV. With a few drawings and paintings on the clean white wall, it totally turned the place to a colorful yet neat looking area. The atmosphere was really nice and I like it so much. If I was alone and needed to have a meal in a quiet place, Urbano e Fresco would be a good choice. Before I enter to the food section, there's a story (not exactly a story actually) I would like to share. We had a little talk with Mr.Ali, the branch manager of Urbano e Fresco. He said that most people having a mindset of when they see the place is very stylish, they would think that the place serve expensive food. I agreed with what he said because I was and still a person like this. When I passed by a place that looked a classy, I would actually walked away without finding out what was the price of the food. When I entered Urbano e Fresco, that was what I thought too actually but I was wrong. The price of the food was affordable. Plus, the portion was pretty huge too. If you were afraid that you couldn't finish it, do share them with your friends. Sharing is caring.Bruschetta. RM9.90Bruschetta was basically toasted baguette bread with extra-virgin olive oil, fresh tomatoes, onions and fresh basil leaves. This was the bomb! Not just that the bread was crunchy and crispy, it actually absorbed the juice of the tomatoes which made the bread even tastier. The thing about tomatoes were that if they weren't fresh, what can you taste was the tomato juice only, not the texture. But for this particular dish, even though the tomatoes were really small in size but I can still taste the texture and they weren't lembik at all. (Sorry for my rojak-ness) Crunchy and crispy bread along with the soft yet fresh tomatoes. This was definitely a recommended choice for appetizers! Thumbs up!Caprese Salad.RM36++They are sliced fresh buffalo mozzarella. tomatoes. extra virgin olive oil and basil. Sorry that I have my own weird way in eating this. First half I ate both tomatoes and mozzarella together. Second half. I ate them separately. HAHAHA. That was my way in seeing whether the ingredients were fresh or not okay! Hehe. Surprisingly, I like to eat them both together and separately simply because they were so fresh! I was so scared of cutting sliced tomato into half because usually they would splattered all around and such but the tomato was so fresh that it followed the direction my knife went without splattering all over. Together with the mozzarella, I wanted to say perfect but nothing is perfect so the dish was almost perfect! Never believed that I would actually enjoyed mozzarella. Hehe. Even when I ate them separately, they were still good! It was all about the freshness of the ingredients for this dish. (Y)Harvest Pizza. 9" - RM20.9012" - RM25.9015" - RM33.90To me, the important part about pizza was the bread. I liked it thin. I liked it crispy. Urbano e Fresco signature tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, cherry tomato, fresh garlic, rocket salad, peppers, fresh spinach, fresh basil, broccoli, red onion with a drop of olive oil. The tomato sauce they had for the pizza weren't too strong but it was good because you get to taste the rest of the ingredients like the cheese as well as the cherry tomato. I know how cheese and tomato can blend really well but most of the time, it was either one overpowering the other. But you can taste both cheese and tomato at the same time for the pizza. AmatricianaRM17.90If you couldn't eat beef, remember NOT to order this yea because the bacon is actually beef.I like how the pasta having its tenderness and the filled with sauce inside. I think it was because they used their homemade sauce that was why the taste was slightly different and special. I really love bacon but I hardly try beef bacon. So, I was pretty surprise how well it could blend the taste together with the pasta and the sauce. The mixture of the whole dish weren't too filling even though they have the tomato sauce going around. And again, the sauce didn't overpower the pasta and bacon. You can still taste the original taste of the bacon as well as the texture of the pasta. Aglio Olio Mushroom & Arugula.RM16.90I was never a fan of Aglio Olio because they were very dried, just like their sauce got sucked by vampire. Surprisingly, the Aglio Olio that Urbano has was juicy, just that it was a little bit too oily and sticky for me but was glad that it wasn't dried. I like the mushroom! You know some mushroom had the weird roasted smell and taste but this doesn't had any of those. Together with the chilli flakes that they added onto the Aglio Olio, the tasteless pasta became pasta that had a little bit of spiciness together with the fresh cherry tomato and mushroom! You can also add on chicken or prawn by topping up RM4.50. Besides food, they also served drinks too! Not to mention that they have tbrown sugar together with a little big of chilli flakes. Yeah. They were homemade so don't fear of the ingredients to be inserted into your coffee. Also, they have really cute design of bottles even when it wasn't for ingredients purposes. In Urbano e Fresco, 80% of the customers were returning customers. Some came over to the restaurant few times a week. Also, what I like about was the interactions that Mr.Ali had with the society and food lovers. They often have events such as kids making pizza with the guidance and observation of the chef from Italy. This can actually be a learning process for the kids as well as their fun time. I also like how Urbano educate people more about Italian food too. It's always rare to find person in charge of a restaurant to take note of small details in every aspect but this is definitely a great start for people to learn more about Italian food. For more photos, you can browse through this album. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151123316314227.442426.754024226&type=3 continue reading
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Level4 2012-09-18
One of the most welcoming establishments in Solaris Dutamas, Urbano e Fresco is a lovely lair for well-prepared Italian salads, sandwiches & pizzas. Imported ingredients make a marked difference _ Urbano e Fresco's tagline is "A Bite of Italy," relying on sauces, oils & spreads that come from that country of gastronomic ingenuity. Start with a salad of fresh, beautifully balanced flavors _ crisp baby spinach leaves tossed with feta cheese for lactic lusciousness, strawberries for a citric tang & almonds for a crunchy bite. More peppers, stuffed with green olives & anchovy fillets. Salty stuff, produced on a hillside farmhouse in Piedmont by Cascina San Giovanni, an Italian bottled food exporter whose motto is "sun & tradition preserved in a jar." Creamy, pillow-soft panini, warmed with roast chicken strips, sun-dried tomatoes, avocado, garlic basil mayo & provolone cheese. Something this tasty gives sandwiches a good name. Plenty of products for purchase, courtesy of Cascina San Giovanni. Note: residents of Mont Kiara & Hartamas can call up Urbano e Fresco to order food deliveries.It's modest compared to many other Italian outlets, but its cozy setting, considerate service & comfort-cuisine selection warrant a return trip or two. continue reading
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Level4 2012-07-30
This is the urbano e fresco at the publika shopping gallery,solaris dutamas.I like to go this publika shopping gallery to look for some nice and new restaurant.And eventually i found this urbano e fresco.Garlic bread.This is so nice.I so surprise when i saw this garlic bread.It look so much different and it don't look like a garlic bread to me.But surprisingly,the garlic bread is a lot nicer than the others garlic bread. The garlic taste is quite rich and tasty.The bread is soft and crispy.It's cheesy and aromatic.You will sure love this garlic bread too. continue reading
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