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Level4 2014-01-30
Although I was invited by my friend to join her for this CNY Gathering, I was quite hesitant as I had to pay about RM 80 for just Yee Sang as she did not mention there would be 8 course dinner. Then at the last minute, at 8pm, Sunday, 26 Jan, I finally decided to attend the dinner. Our first dish was obviously Yee Sang but with jellyfish and also fresh Maguro Salmon! Since I am not a fan of Yee Sang, it just tasted ok to me. Then we had Braised dried scallops with sea cucumber and crab meat in superior soup. The scallops were amazingly tender and not rubbery as I thought. The soup was very clear and does wonders to the soul. Black Chicken was used to cook the soup adding to the sweetness.The Roasted Duck and Chicken combo with traditional sauce was so-so. I guess again this is not a fair judgement as I am not much of a meat lover. I would have preferred to eat this with white porridge as the sauce was quite salty and the gravy quite thick. We could not finish this as the portion was too big.The steamed golden omega snapper fish with homemade sauce was amazingly tender and fresh. It tasted like Cod Fish to me and we finished this in seconds! The following dish is my favourite in every Chinese wedding dinner. It is Nai Pak vegetables with braised dried oysters, mixed mushrooms and 'fatt choy' was so tasty. I love the combination of fatt choy with the thick sauce. The mix of mushrooms make me the mushroom crazy person so delighted! The steamed fresh tiger prawn with ginseng sauce came with quite spicy sauce. I felt it was just ok. Luckily, a gentlemen helped me peel the prawn or else I would not be able to review it. The last filling dish is steamed glutinous rice with dried oysters, salted egg yolk and dried shrimps was just ok. As for desserts, we had longan and sea coconut tong sui which is just ok, like normal longan tong sui. Duo of New Year fried cake with yam and golden fish with red bean paste was quite special. The Golden Fish was a winner with its shape and the paste was sweet. The fried yam kuih combo was also fantastic and the size was just nice for biting! The entire meal cost RM 1188 for a table of ten persons so each of us had to fork out RM 168! continue reading
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Level3 2013-11-04
i was at Tong Yuen in Hilton Hotel last week to taste their auspicious set menus and CNY delicaciesFirst thing I saw as I stepped in:Mandarin ducks, money frogs and china teapots. I started taking pictures of this very impressive, spacious and lavish Chinese restaurant.Oh and I also learned that Toh Yuen is adjoined to the al-fresco and swimming pool areaPretty good idea for weddings to be held! Nice place to entertain guests and throw the after-party too!Separated only by a huge glass door I then took my time to walk back to my table. But still, not a single soul to be seen yet.So I made use of the glass mirrors they had all over the walls for some self-absorbed entertainmentAfter catching up and chit chatting, it was time to bring out the foodToh Yuen's Yee Sang specials was the highlight of their Fatt Choy (fortune and prosperity) menu selectionsCrackers represents happiness, peanut and sesame symbolizes harvest, oil represents wealth,pomelo means good luck, raw seafood symbolizes life and longevity. I especially loved their Sliced Abalone yee sang. It was fresh, tasty and had that tinge of sweet-sourness in it. The abalone came in abundance and it was very delicious and chewy too (I initially thought it looked like chicken slices before I had a bite of it! LOL)The 2nd course that arrived was Braised Shark Fin Soup with Crab Meat and Roe. Trust me, I've eaten this since my childhood days and there isn't really a complete Chinese dinner without it.Served hot right outta the pot, it was just as good as what my tastebuds imagined it to be. You can never go wrong!3rd Course : Deep Fried Chicken in 2 FlavoursNow this one was rather outta the ordinary This poultry dish came with chicken – cooked in 2 different styles – encircled around each other. Yup, it was plated in a very pleasant way! The chicken with the darker sauce stayed in the middle while the whiter chicken surrounded it.I loved the darker chicken while some of the others preferred the whiter one. Ohwell, looks like both of it were popular among us anyway; seeing that this dish was finished in such a jiffy!After chicken, came the fish4th course : Steamed Fish Pomfret with Soy Sauce This fish fanatic is at it again. White pomfrets are one of my favorite types of fish, apart from Salmon and Snowfish. It was so fresh that I reckon it was just caught right off the sea yesterday! None of that stinky stale stench that some fishes tend to have.The flesh was tender and was made right for our palate.5th course : Stir Fried King Prawns in Pineapple Sauce Now if the fish dish didn't exist, this one would most definitely fall in line being my favorite of the lot!The prawns were really soft and succulent to the last bite! Kinda the type that melts in your mouth The tangy natural flavour of the pineapple complemented this dish very well too.I like how most Chinese chefs cut up lotsa random things that their instincts tell them *might* just make the perfect dish and voila! It DID end up perfect after all.The broccoli came cooked with so many other ingredients and condiments that it was bursting with flavour continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-09
Toh Yuen Chinese Restaurant 桃苑 is another chinese restaurant serving nice and delicious meal i try the dish here and very food tast and this stir fried kai lan fried style and the taste is really good and nice. very crunchy on the kai lan vegetables. the tea served here also very good and good quality of food here. worth the value and money we are paying and the environment of dining inside continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-01
Name : Pan Fried Lamb Chop .Environment : The environment is quite classy and very suitable for family, company, gathering, and event dinner. Location: No 2 Jalan Barat, Petaling Jaya, Petaling Jaya.Service : Fast and good service.Pricing : Quite expensive compared to other restaurants out there.Recommendations : Great choice for those who want to experience dining style of chinese. continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-29
Sautéed Fresh Sea Prawn with Wasabi Mayo and ‘Sakura Denbu’ is a combination of the Japanese feel in it. The chef had creates a Japanese Spring feeling with using the Sakura Debu. This is where the chef had made the Sakura Denbu by using “Sekpan” fish deep fried and added with other condiments with it. The fresh prawns are also well selected by the chef where chef had chosen a bigger size prawn and it is being deep fried. Then the sauce is being added with the wasabi powder with the mayo sauce in it. Though the wasabi taste is slightly strong but we can still taste the freshness and sweetness of the prawns in it. continue reading
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