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Level4 2014-12-18
As everything begins the morning after; we ought to kick off daily with a hearty breakfast and a good cup of coffee to signify another wonderful beginning of our journey. Likewise, this kiosk café, which is relatively new at Pavilion Shopping Mall, offers a fair selection for delish food and beverages within the cozy confine of its humble décor of rustic industrial bric-a-brac.Touted as one of TMA’s specialties, we decided to go easy on tummy before heading to next session of coffee hopping at Wa Café, done offhandedly btw (=Chic Rotisserie (MYR 17.90)Laces of well-marinated roasted chicken strips served atop tomatoes slice and lettuce, before sandwiched between the signature sammie and coupled with some tortilla chips that have been drizzled with some cheese dressing.Cheesy Turkey Love (MYR 17.90)Tickling our taste bud next is this turkey ham that supposed to be loaded with cheese as stated in the menu. Similarly, this serving of bagel is accompanied by a side salad and tortilla chips, that just differentiates in its filling. Apparently, this dish is rather subpar and doesn't pull off as good as the former one as I find it quite dry, lacking in taste wise.Moreover, the kinda bland taste of the tortilla chips(perhaps suits the terribly health conscious folks-pun intended) doesn't help either, and so I request for another helping of the sauce to sort of spice up this dish with the pastry as well.Personally, I would find my favourite turkey ham more enjoyable if it were to slightly pan-fried to give out that mild crispiness with the alluring smoky aroma that surely enough to make anyone salivate as the scent wafting through the air. Extra minutes of nuking the buttered bagel would taste better overall too if it’s moderately browned. Anyway, it’s just my honest two-cents when the amiable and attentive staff , Mario, ask for the feedback on the food.Latte (MYR 10.90)The house signature coffee has a mild palate as TMA uses the blend of Mandheling, Santos and Sigri.The Sneaky Cheesecake (MYR 12.90)Fortunately, the dessert somewhat helps to make up the day. It is moist and creamy with a cube of snickers bar on top. However, the biscuit base is tad soggy and I personally prefer to have a contradictory but yet soft crumble-like texture in my cheesecake recipe.I suppose there are still rooms for improvement for this new café and hopefully, there would be more varieties in its menu offerings especially on the savoury side in the future.More info here:http://lwinlee.blogspot.com/2014/11/lwin-lee-morning-after-tma-pavillion-kl.html continue reading
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