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Level4 2013-09-06
The thing about these fusion restaurants is that whenever they start to gain some bit of popularity, they started localizing themselves. The ingredients for some of the western or fusion dishes is replaced with the similar kind in Malaysia and by doing so, really deteriorate the quality of the dish itself. Even when not looking at sophisticated dishes, simple things like the mash potatoes can be quite a mess for them as well. The problem at this and some of the many other fusion restaurants is that they try so hard to manage so many dishes, both western and asian. In order to offer the extension of varieties on their menu, they need to have all ingredients ready in case there is a order at the kitchen. But what happens when no one ordered what’s prepared, or when something is not the best seller at the restaurant. When it is not a common dish to order, the chances is high that the ingredients would have been kept for quite a while already. So the lesson I adapted from this is to go for the common dishes many people would order. That way, at least the food is still in good form of taste and shape. The mushroom soup tasted really ordinary and almost like they are serving what was cooked two days ago. The meal was so bad, I vow not to return to this outlet. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
The meals that i want to do the review is the Super Saves Daily Lunch Meals at Station One Cafe, USJ 10 (USJ Taipan). Every Super Saves Daily Lunch Meal is a set of lunch meal which including two small side dishes (vege) which were acting as the appetizers, one dish of main meal, one dish of onion rice, one small bowl of the daily soup, and the last is one big cup of beverage (sour plum juices). The meal is provided every single day and the main meal of each single meal is different per every single day, and for every single day, you can choose your favourite main meal from the food menu. This Super Saves Daily Lunch Meal is only available on lunch time every single day, and is only cost RM 9.90 for the whole set of the meal, and if including services tax, the total amount also only RM 10.90.From the photo i attached, that is my Super Saves Daily Lunch Meal that i chose. I chose the Cheesy Steam Rice as my main meal on that Lunch Meal, so, there are no onion rice, because was been substituted by the Cheesy Steam Rice. The Cheesy Steam Rice ( "Chee See Kok Fan" in Cantonese) was quite not bad, there are quite cheesy taste for the rice, and the amount of cheese is quite enough. The two small side vege dishes was quite ok, was able to act as appetizers. The small bowl of daily soup was quite ok also, can be deemed tasty. The beverage, which is sour plum juices, was quite ok also, quite refreshing. For overall, the Super Saves Daily Lunch Meal was quite ok and quite in satisfaction, so, you can let yourself to have a try on it at Station One Cafe at USJ 10 (USJ Taipan). continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)