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Level4 2016-06-06
服务很好,每天晚上都很多人。价格来说也不会贵,毕竟pork rib 都有一定的价格。我们5人,order 了一份 full rack pork ribs, 羊排,salad,还有一份鸡趴。我没吃很多,专注于 pork rib, 超正!肉很松软,入口即化,味道很够,整体来说刚刚好(而我怎么看刚刚好呢,就是轻轻一拉肉就完美的离开骨头为之 perfect)我有个朋友,还一个礼拜来三次呢!目前为止可以说是我吃过最好吃的 pork rib 了happy hour 的啤酒也不会贵,我们叫了6 pints.总共花了380吧。没人大约rm90 for 这么多东西。 continue reading
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I will probably be the first who write about Spitalfield's Gastrobar in Open Rice.I went there last Sunday. I noticed about Spitalfield's Gastrobar as I was scrolling Groupon. I realized there's food voucher available and I have decided to give it a try. I bought the voucher at 40% off, thinking it would be a great time to try the new restaurants with my friends who I have not been catching up with.Initially, I was so worried on how to drive there as recently my waze been feeling ill and sometimes waze ditched me half way leading me to my destination.And so, before I drive there. I asked my friends about where's the restaurant. After having a look at the restaurant, they told me:' Atria Mall la'My reaction was where is Atria Mall, having them guide me verbally. I sort of know how to go there.Oh well.Thankful that I managed to find the place without turning into the wrong ways.#DrivingGoalsI managed to spot the bar the moment I reached Atria Mall as it's just right in front of the entrance.I made my appointment at 1.30pm. I reached there slightly earlier, and the waitress guided me to my seats.I fell in love with the interior the moment  I go in. They reserved such a nice seats for the 3 of us, with my name written on the little card board.The workers there are really friendly that it makes me feel overwhelming by their welcomesSuch a long introduction. Alright.I ordered Great Breakfast, but I have to say I was a bit dissapointed seeing this as I was expecting them to have more veggies at least But well, I would say this is not the best big breakfast I tried but definitely the mushroom is good! They serve big button mushroom for their great breakfast. Probably the thing that makes me feel great about this breakfast is MUSHROOMS!Lemonade that taste just so lemonade#LemonadeOnPointI love this staircase and the interior design of this bar. So much effort:')Overall, the food is not that good as what we expected.But the services here are really good. and I could not judge much about the taste just based on these few dishes I tried. I would say this place will be a great place to chill after shopping. Great place to drink and just relax, ideal place for family & friends.Watch this place  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)