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We actually plan to have our farewell lunch at Oiso Korean at Menara Hap Seng to our fellow colleagues but we have waited for more than an hour! It was very frustrating moment when we have to wait for so long for table of 10 people with bad management and service. They could not even settle and prepare the table for us and we need to wait for one hour for them to arrange for it and before that we need to remind them few times as we are being ignored!So we moved on to Sisters Kitchen which are situated at the same 1st floor . the same row and we are greeted with warm welcome. Our table for 10 is easily available. We quickly choose our set lunch comprises of Seafood Noodles, nasi lemak, porridge, fried rice and come with Ice Lemon Tea/ coffee / tea & dessert, The set lunch cost us RM 18.90, the portion is acceptable and including drinks and one desserts (fruits/ fried wantan). Consider still reasonable and the seats are comfortable too.The Siam Lemak Laksa is recommended.Such a big portion of the chicken meat..as big as my palmOriental chicken rice.Chicken RendangChilled cincau Additional side dish ordered..the popiah is quite goodMy favourite nasi lemak is here..with gigantic size of the chicken drumstick and fragrant nasi lemak, savoury condiments especially the sambal..appetizing and delicious meal.The staff forgotten to take my colleague order and he had waited for almost 45 minutes and finally the long waited shrimp fried rice is ready. The portion is quite small compare to our huge pieces of chicken thigh from our nasi lemak meal. As we are chatting and enjoying our meal, suddenly my friend scream!! There is a cockroach on her table and moving around the table..another colleague stood up and holding his plate of chicken rendang rice instead of helping us to get rid of the disgusting cockroach. We lose our appetite and telling the staff what we saw and this was the bad dining experience we had so far..Unhygienic place and the management really need to look into this cleanness in their restaurant. Disappointing and sickening!!!Sisters Kitchen1st Floor, Menara Hap seng 50250, WP Kuala Lumpur Tel: 603-2142 6988Website : http://www.sisterscrispypopiah.com.my/ continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-24
sisters kitchen is located at hap seng and during lunch time all people seems to enjoy to dine in here and the nasi lemak with sambal is the hot selling item and they are actually charging the price quite high here. service i can rate is just average and the set meal of noodle or nasi lemak comes with this tiny pieces of the kueh. sweet taste and have the santan on top of the kueh. but the portion is too small continue reading
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Level4 2013-04-11
nasi lemak是sisters kitchen很畅销的一款食物,每次来到都看到许多人点nasi lemak 来吃,所以我也决定点来试试。。nasi lemak 的卖相蛮好的,里面有一大块鸡肉,江鱼子,鸡蛋,黄瓜和椰浆饭,椰浆饭的气味蛮香的,吃起来每一口都能感觉到椰浆的味道,配上sambal十分好吃,而且鸡肉也很入味,而且吃完了不会让人觉得腻 continue reading
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Level4 2012-10-10
Ever wanted to catch up on our very own oriental dishes? Then you might just find the right place at Sisters Kitchen, located at Menara Hap Seng There was this one afternoon where I followed another group of colleagues out for lunch. That was when I came across this scrumptious cuisine at this cosy ambience with purple theme. So just before the crowd started, we quickly ordered our meal and enjoyed all the way then, hehe. Seafood Cantonese Fried NoodlesIt resembled ‘Wat Tan Hor’ to me, but this dish came with one of the freshest ingredients like Tiger Prawn, Garoupa fsh, squid & cuttlefish. The fish fillet was very fresh and the prawns were succulent too. When all of this seafood mixed together in a platter, it created some tinge of seafood sweetness and thus was very delicious indeed. This also partially contributed by the soup base which was simmered with chicken bones, seafood and other choice ingredients for hours to imbue with that requisite sweetness.Nasi Lemak with Signature Fried ChickenThis is another signature dish from SisterS Kitchen. Fragrant rice is cooked to perfection with freshly squeezed coconut milk and pandan leaves. Accompanied by their piquantly spicy sambal, crispy fried anchovies, fried egg and peanuts, this is definitely a true Malaysian delicacy where resistance is futile in this case To complete the lunch on a sweet local note, we called in for that famous Cendol. It’s towering tall indeed above all, haha. The cendol and red bean were beneath the shaved ice which is densely immersed with coconut milk. On top on that, Gula Melaka was also drenched adequately and finally garnished with few pieces of chewy Longan. Yum Yum! continue reading
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