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Level4 2016-03-31
Decided to come here for tea time as we saw the flyer stating its Buy 1 Free 1 promotion from 3pm-6pm. According to this flyer, the promotion is only applicable to the red plates, and its limited to 5 free plates only. Each red plate costs RM 4.99.We ate a few plates, namely the Assorted Mochi, Salmon Mentai, Mini Ebi Tempura and Futo Maki and Fried Tori. Mochi is yummy as usual, we ordered two plates and managed to eat a few flavours such as black sesame, peanuts, pandan and red beans. Black sesame is the best among all this flavours that we have tried.As for the Salmon Mentai, I feel that the Salmon slice on it is too thin as I can barely taste it. All I can taste was the mayonnaise sauce.They weren't kidding when they say Mini Ebi Tempura, the tempura was indeed tiny!There was not much difference on the Futo Maki. The taste was as usual.Fried Tori is bite sized fried chicken. The fried tori that we gotten was cold, it tasted like overnight KFC. It will probably taste better when its still warm or hot, but for now, its horrible.So, we ate a total of 6 red plates (expecting 3 plates to be free). However, when we went to the cashier, we were charged at original price! The cahsier claimed that the promotion is over. If the promotion is over, why is there still flyers on the promotion?! In short, I'm so disspointed with the service and the food here. continue reading
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I came with mum to Sakae Sushi Paradigm for lunch because last week, they told me that I still have RM 30 plus inside my membership card. It also seems like my membership expiry is on 30 June 2014. I wonder why food at Sakae Sushi always take a very long time to arrive and it is not like the food is that great to take such a long time. We ordered the Soft Shell Crab Set which cost almost RM 30. It came with the soft shell crab which is soggy and not crispy as expected for most soft shell crabs. The crab dipped in the sticky thick sauce in the hot plate is not an ideal combination. The shitake and fake shark's fin chawanmushi was not bad. I felt that the rice was weird as it was a little hard.The Sushi of the month which cost RM 1 instead of the original price of RM 5.99 was the best. It had raw salmon on top with tuna wrapped inside. After the lunch, forgive me for being so direct and blunt but a true food blogger has to reveal the cold hard facts too. I felt cheated when the waiter said that I had only RM 9 inside my card instead of RM 30 plus like what he said last week. So I made a little fuss till they refunded me my promised RM 30 or else why would I come to Sakae Sushi after visiting this place last week? I had always sang praises of Sakae Sushi because it is considerably cheaper than Sushi King and used to have more variety. Probably when you have become a member and dine here too frequently and the only change made is the monthly promotions, one day you getfed up? But I guess the service and efficiency is of utmost importance in an restaurant.To be fair, I would say you still can come here but only try the monthly promotions with the member card otherwise it is not worth the price.  continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-09
Since there is a Citibank buy 1 pink plate, free 1 pink plate, wifey and I decided to grab two plate of Futo Maki, which comes in pink plates. The rice was fluffy and nice, with a touch of vinegar. The ingredients include a piece of crab meat, some tamago, which is sweet egg batter, cucumber, some pickles and mayonnaise with prawn eggs. A piece of seaweed holds the rice with the ingredients in it. Too big to put in one mouthful, two bites rewards us with a slightly different flavour depending on which side of the maki is being devoured. Definitely recommended. continue reading
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Having visited so many different outlets of the sakae sushi franchise, I do not find their interior any bit overwhelming or exciting anymore. In fact, I find them decently neat with the high tech system implanted to each table. The ipad menu on each seating might have helped them a bit but for the customers, would simply have no effect on the dining pleasure. One would not visit or choose the sakae sushi just for the ipad menu instead, if they have really good food with a great assortment of variety would then be the pull factor to be drawing new customers and retaining old ones at the same time. At that point, cleanliness would be a plus point factor and comfort would be another which would add to the decision making when selecting a place for sushi or japanese food. The seats used to be uncomfortable at a point because the cushions started wearing off after some time. The new renovation not too long ago got them replacing all the cushions with wooded seats so that way, it'll last and customers seemed to take it pretty well. At this stage, it is important that they maintain the good quality and improve on the hygiene. We do not want to repeat the roach incident. The all time comforting dish for children is always the chawanmushi and here in sakae, they serve pretty decent steamed egg.I personalyl love the fresh Salmon and their freshly made handroll. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-14
when thinking of desserts is usually will be the one like the tong pak fu or snowflakes but i just want a simple desserts and when i flip through the sakae sushi menu it attracts me with this simple nice dish of the jelly and the presentation of the food is pretty nice and good too. the jelly taste is sweet enough and refreshing for me after the heavy meal just now and nice place to dine in continue reading
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