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Level3 2015-10-26
It was my ex-housemate birthday. As always, when it comes to someone's birthday we willl plan a surprise for them. So this time we pick Rimba & Rusa. Well, the name makes me think of having a jungle kind of environment but i was wrong . The cafe got a modern concept that makes it look spacious tho i think it is just as big as VCR cafe. The decorations is simple and nice. We booked the table earlier as i was informed the cafe will usually be fully booked especially on fri, sat and sunday. Oh! i almost forgot, this cafe is actually by wondermilk, the one that got the best red velvet cupcake and rainbow cake in Publika. So lets jump into the menu. Below are the photos that you can refer to:-We have no idea what to order, so we ordered what is being suggested by the waiter. Below are the list:-1) Soft Shell Crab Linguine (RM34)2) Suka dukkah meatballs ( RM30)3) Ciao Carbonara ( RM27)4) Spaghetti meatballs (RM28)5) Pineapple roasted spring chicken ( RM29)I have tasted all of them and i believe my most fav one is soft shell crab linguine and the suka dukkah meatballs. The dishes are unique. The presentation is also as good as the taste. As for spaghetti meatballs, they put too much tomato for the sauce and carbonara taste was just okay.Lastly, the pineapple roasted spring chicken was good too but not in my fav list hehe.Well they said it right, where you will really feel like everyday is sunday here because we stayed at this cafe until it closed ( the decorations will want you to take pictures non-stop) . We didn't get the chance to try their special dessert because it has sold out (i have forgotten the name of the dessert that they suggested, sorry). Will come again for different menu next time  Overall: Great food, worth it, great environment continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
某人自从上一次和朋友在 Rimba & Rusa 聚会之后,回来就一直向我极力推荐这家走小清新路线的咖啡馆。看过网上的照片后,我心里也是挺喜欢的,就找个周末来这里享用早餐了。一来到门口,我才发现原来 Rimba & Rusa 是 Wondermilk 旗下的另一个咖啡馆,位于 Kota Damansara 新的大楼 Sunway Nexis 的入口处旁边。店面的四周都是落地玻璃窗,所以咖啡馆里面的采光很好,在这里用早餐就是有朝气蓬勃的感觉。我特别喜欢这里挑高的屋顶,咖啡馆的后半部搭了一个阁楼,除了可以应付更多的人流,也提供了一个空间来承办私人派对。Rimba & Rusa 里头的装饰都是以白、蓝和绿色为主,带出一种清新又朴实的感觉。因为这是一家 halal 的咖啡馆,所以有一半的顾客都是马来同胞,而且餐牌上的美食和其他咖啡馆的西式餐点很不一样,有不少料理都融合了本地或中东的风味,都是平常不会看到的。Egg & hummus toast - RM24Egg & hummus toast 最吸引我的就是 poached egg 上面的辣椒油,餐牌上的解说是 chilli butter。味道虽然只是微辣,但是对于无辣不欢的马来西亚人来说,鸡蛋上面来一点辣椒油才是王道嘛!不过这是我第二次吃 poached egg,我确定以后去哪里都不会再点这种做法的鸡蛋了,因为不知道为什么 poached egg 就是没有鸡蛋的味道,我不喜欢。这个吐司面包就最对味了,纯手工制作的感觉,配上中东风味的鹰嘴豆泥 hummus,非常好吃!要是能来多几片就好了!除了芝麻菜沙拉,另一个亮点就是黄瓜葡萄沙拉了。很清爽的感觉,可惜葡萄籽没去除干净,不小心咬到会有一点涩涩的味道,扣分了一点点。Lemon curd pancake - RM20Lemon curd pancake 的卖相很公主、很梦幻,有没有?女生看到的话,眼睛都会出现满满的爱心啦!这颜色太漂亮了!叠得高高的美式松饼,算一算一共有五片这么多,每一片之间都抹了一层自家制的柠檬酱,酸酸甜甜的很好吃。配上梅子果酱和新鲜水果,视觉上和味觉上都是满分的。唯一可挑剔的就是他们的松饼没有外头那些松饼专卖店来得松软,不过整体上还是很不错!Flat white - RM11, Cappuccino - RM11咖啡还不错,细滑顺口。Rimba & Rusa 的各个角落都放了‘Everyday is Sunday’的标语,我想这应该是每个人的梦想吧!来这里用餐就是有周末的悠闲和放松的感觉,虽然价格有点偏高,但是环境和服务都不错,周末可以约三五好友来这里渡过一个轻松的下午哦! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)