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Chicken Yakitori Grilled Fugu Fin with Sake Wagyu Yakitori
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Level4 2015-10-23
After a whirlwind of Ramadhan buffets recently, finally found a soothing oasis to reallyunwind a little while, accompanied by a salmagundi of deliciously grilledskewered treats at Ri Yakitori, under the good hands of Chef Isao, who has joined St Giles bandwagon recently.Chef Isao and Sous Chef ZimielWith a refined sense of style and contemporary touches, Ri-Yakitori delivers inventive andtraditional takes on Japanese Yakitori such as skewers of juicy chicken, tender beef and fresh vegetables, just to name a few, served alongside classic Japanese dishes as well.Located at the Level 7 of The Gardens Hotel, this svelte establishment poised as a perfect venue for convivial dining, both casual or formal and even special occasion to commemorate it vividly. Amiable service awaiting diners upon arrival, before seated comfortably within the splendor environment of Zen-like ambiance, especially with the urbane and calming warm lighting.There is even a room dedicated for ardent fans of pool to foster goodwill among comrades.Crisp julienned cabbage, served complimentary with savoury dipping (goma and special shoyu sauce) as a welcoming starter.GRILLED CHICKEN SERVED WITH MIYABI SAUCE (MYR 30)One of the latest addition to be introduced to epicurean this quarter, grilled chicken meat with special tangy sauce.Dished out with fresh asparagus and mushroom slices, the chicken meats are succulently served in a bite-sized portion, making them much more convenient to be enjoyed hassle-free. The meats are lightly grilled on the skin till slightly brownish before topped off with appetizing bits of Japanese plum. Certainly makes a good palate opener.EBI TEMPURA (MYR 47)Sizeable prawns are lighted coated with tempura and fried till golden brown. Crispy on the outside and remain soft and succulent within. Best eaten while hot for the crispy kick or dip into some tempura sauce should you prefer some moisture to your seafood fritters.CHICKEN KEBAB (MYR 14)Tender chicken meat grilled to perfection with crunchy cuts of capsicums and leek, served with teriyaki sauce. Nicely flavoured and not overly done.Here comes the meaty plate, surely a joy for meat lovers!From the foreground; MOMO (Chicken thigh –MYR 10), TEBA (Chicken Wings- MYR 10) and KAWA (Chicken Skin MYR 6), served with yakitori tare sauce. Love the lush meat cutlet, very saporous albeit lightly marinated. The chicken wings are skillfully grilled to a silky texture in the inside while remaining crunchy on the skin. As for the rest skewered meats, they are thoroughly encased with soy fragrance, making them a very appealing nosh. I was wondering why the meat are so flavoursome despite none are involved in any long-hours marinade and then I was told that all yakitori are actually lightly sprayed with sake prior to grilling, giving it a heavier dose of culinary injection. Now that’s a great idea that deserves another thumbs up!(For Muslim customers, this step of using sake would be excluded, so worry not ^^)TSUKUNE (MYR 10)Juicy homemade chicken meatball served with teriyaki sauce and mustard paste at the side.Presented in the oblong-shaped unconventionally, this toothsome meatball does not compromise on the gustation, but continues tickle your taste bud with the unmistakably bounciness and juicy-packed patty. You could now temporarily forget about your mundane foot-long sausage I suppose (=MUNE (MYR 8)Cubes of juicy chicken breast served with bainiku sauce and oba leave. I quite like the zesty taste projected by the umeboshi relish (popular pickled plum paste in Japan), that give the dish a balanced mixture of both sour and salty.SHAKE OCHAZUKE (MYR17)One of the most homey Japanese food. A hearty bowl of salmon rice soup, served with laces of salmon meat and Japanese pickles as accompaniment.The imported pickles are especially appetizing, indirectly helps to spice up the overall dish.KAMONAMBA (MYR 32)Special soba noodles served in hot duck broth. The clear soup broth is indeed a mirthful delight to bask in, would we better if the duck meat is more moist and tender.If you are still up for some snacks, here you go.Mentaiko Onigiri Rice Ball (MYR 21)Triangular-shaped Japanese rice ball and served with pickled as well as imported mentaiko paste from Japan.OkonomiyakiAnother must-have in the house in this Japanese pizza liberally drizzled with savoury tonkatsu sauce. Each bite is mouthwateringly filled up with crisp cabbages generously, in addition to the richness of tonkatsu sauce, seaweed and bonito flakes. Simply an awesome grub from the Land of The Rising Sun!As for the dessert choices to fix your sweet tooth craving, get ready to satiate from…….YUZU SHERBET (MYR 12)MACHA ICE CREAM (MYR 12)Or lovely DORAYAKI with azuki paste and garnished with fruity strawberries. During the weekends, the bar also presents live sport together with a menu that features a wide variety of Western and Malaysian fusion flavors. For more info, do stay tuned at Ri Yakitori page for more updates.**The menu is available for orders up to 11:00pm daily**Ri- Yakitori is pork-free but offer alcohol on its menuCheers for now and Carpe Diem! ❤ℒℴѵℯ❤Location: Level 7, St Giles The Gardens- Grand Hotel & Residences, The Gardens, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.Contact: +603 2268 1188 Ext.6323Business Hours: 5pm – 1am Monday –Saturday (Sundays Closed)Website: www.StGiles.com continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-01-23
After months of teasing, The Gardens Hotel & Residences have finally unveiled Ri Yakitori, which joins The Spread and Sage as the final piece of a dining triumvirate. Physically, Ri Yakitori is reminiscent of Sage in subtle ways, but it's more spartan and less imposing. Service is as warm and efficient as can be expected. The last call for orders is 11.30 pm, so you can still head here after the shops shut at Mid Valley. The salad of white radish, mizuna and tomatoes provided a healthy counterpoise to the relatively oily, salty yakitori. Dieters and cholesterol-watchers beware: the rest of this entry is filled with the most evil temptations. Chicken liver and gizzard. We're big fans of liver, so this was a real treat. Foie gras with strawberries. We've had foie gras in so many other preparations, but never in yakitori. This was heavenly; the strawberries were a welcome change from the apples, pears and other fruits that typically accompany foie gras. From top: chicken liver; two skewers of chicken tail; tomatoes. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)