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Level4 2012-09-10
There was a day when my favourite stall in this coffeeshop was not open, so I had to try something else from this coffeeshop. I saw many other patrons ordering the Sarawak mee, so I gave it a try.I ordered a large one as I was hungry that day. When it arrived, i definitely got more than I expected. The Sarawak mee served here is so big in portion, I nearly could not finish it. That's saying a lot, especially when I am hungry.This Sarawak mee is quite wet, as it has some gravy mixed into the noodles. That is not to say it is bad, in fact it tastes very nice. There is also a lavish amount of minced pork, which was more than enough to go with the noodles. Garnish it with some spring onions and vegetables and you'll get a nice dish of Sarawak mee.The noodle tastes quite nice, as it is springy and light. As it is wet, the noodles are easy on the mouth and therefore the noodles do not stick to each other. I opted for the wantan version, instead of the cha siu version.Nothing much I can comment on the soup, as it is just a plain MSG soup, but with wantan inside. The wantan is also nothing to shout about.This is a good alternative to what I usually order in this coffeeshop, and I may order it again if I have a craving for Sarawak mee. I was told that the Wan Tan Mee is quite nice here as well, so I may try it some day. continue reading
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