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Review (12)
Level4 2013-07-12
the venue for the event was at G Pot buffet steamboat, located all the way in the suburbs of Cheras. it took a while for bf to reach the place but we did in the end, and reached quite early too.apparently the owner is also having an awesome price as low as RM20 per person for their buffet meal so its a pretty worthy deal if i may add.what is steamboat without meat? G Pot gives you free-flow of meat ranging from lamb, beef, pork and chicken meat.there was another pot given which is being used to grilled meat. sadly, the beef meat is really hard to chew.. i don't know why but after grilling them with so much butter, it still lacked in tenderness and ended up being really dry. both soup bases looked very dense at first sight which may signify its tasteless palatableness. which is true in fact - they do taste quite bland in nature. the tomyam soup was indefinitely spicy, but i'm pretty sure i've tasted spicier and flavourful ones since God knows when.the herbal soup on the other hand, was lacking in herbal taste. as compared to other steamboat restaurants, G Pot has somehow failed to produce a better composition of Chinese herbs, given the lack of aftertaste.there are a few given selected ice creams laid for the customers, and i am speculating that the yam ice-cream is the best seller considering the fact that it was finished in no time. added marshmallows to my oreo ice cream. nothing special about it though.this is the herbal jelly 'guai ling gou' they provided. not bad, but not that good either. and this is coming from someone who doesn't eat bitter desserts, lol. it could have been better if the jelly wasn't that rigid and dry.all in all, G Pot Steamboat is a nice place to enjoy affordable and all-you-can-eat hot pot with a group of friends and family. its great for people who just wanna stuff themselves full with a cheaper price to boot. i'd recommend students - who starve themselves to save some money - for this. you'd be satisfied how full you can be after a meal at G Pot. continue reading
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Level3 2013-07-08
Had the opportunity to try out Steamboat cum BBQ at Restoran G-Pot. I have a very high standard as far as steamboat is concerned. There are 4 type of soup base that is the clear soup, tomyam, herbal and pumpkin porridge. My ratings for the soup base is below average. I sampled some of the seafood but it was not that fresh except for the prawns. Did not give a good impression.But, what i found to be slightly better was the BBQ, which is using a metal plate, quite like the Korean BBQ. Most will use the marjerin as the base for the frying but since this is a steamboat restaurant, they have shallot oil. So, we decided to use this oil instead as our base as it is less fattening. Surprisingly it turns out quite nice when we BBQ the wafer thin pork slice, beef slices and lamb slices. Oh and also the Prawns. This was the saving grace for the night.I hope the restaurant can ensure much fresher seafood in the future.Overall my ratings for the BBQ was 2.5 out of 5. continue reading
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For those opting for a healthier meal, they should choose the combination of the 2 nutritious Herbal & Pumpkin Soup. These 2 soups goes perfectly well with various vegetables, noodles, mushrooms & ready cooked favourites like the meatball, fish ball, foo chok, sausages & many more.The herbal soup was just average for me. It was lacking in the herbs like dang gui, yok chok & kei chee. A good herbal soup should give out an aromatic smell, but perhaps they didn't want stronger version as it may not suit many. As for the pumpkin soup, I find it too bland, seriously lacking in sweetness, flavour & the colour didn't look right too. My pumpkin soup is always of a bright orange coloured, they could have used another variety of butter nut pumpkin.They offered a wide selection of ready-cooked favourites like meat ball, sotong ball, fried fish ball, surimi, stuffed foo chok, just to mention a few. In addition to that, vege lovers will be spoilt for choice as they served an array of cabbages, spinach, kang kong (water spinach), lettuce, siew pak choy, sawi & even the mint leaves. A great selection of eggs noodles, spinach noodles, yee mee, wantan noodles, flat wantan noodles, oyster mushrooms & seaweed too. I really enjoyed my healthy green spinach noodles. Well, it was certainly a good choice as it was springy & smooth. Also not forgetting the eggs & the special quails eggs that definitely goes well with everything. These two awesome vegetables are my favourite greens. The red spinach & mint are my regular antioxidant-rich vegetables to my daily diet. For the finale, there are pudding & gui ling gao to keep us in good health. G-Pot are reasonable priced with RM 29.80 for steamboat + BBQ & charges only RM 19.00 for steamboat only. Currently, there some ongoing promotion of 30% discount for ladies on Tuesday, 20% off for late-nite after 10pm & lunch set from RM 8.80 with drinks & dessert too.For more info, check out the link here : https://www.facebook.com/gpot.steamboat continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-01
Hello again, this is our first time hanging out with OpenRice with credits goes to MokkyMok Blog Link for reminding me about it. Anyhow, there are plenty of steamboat restaurants in Klang Valley, not to mention around Sunway Mentari. This steamboat restaurant by the name of G-Pot has been around for 4 years. We asked the owner, how can you maintain the standard of quality and keep the prices low? He answered simply by saying, "we go to Tesco everyday to pick out the freshest ingredients ourself, so there will not be any 3rd party payment required". So here goes....The entranceThere are 2 kinds of serving available. BBQ and Soup. As usual, BBQ will be served with butter. You just gotta grill it like any other BBQ place. For soup, there are 4 kinds of soup to choose from; tomyam, herbal, clear and pumpkin porridge soup.The soup was rather average. Tomyam doesn't really have the kick it requires. Herbal, could hardly taste much. Clear, well yeah, really clear. Pumpkin porridge, hardly noticeable, only slightly. In conclusion, the soup weren't perfect, but they get their job done.List of ingredients I've tried:Beef - A little too dry and hard to chew, thinly sliced.Chicken - A little dry, average.Lamb - Barely tasted any flavour.Fishball - Too much flour and very sandy.Vegetable (greens) - Good and fresh.Mini sausage - Average.Ham - Below average.Squid - Average.Tofu - Average.Eggs - Average.Beancurd - Loved it.Ice cream - Regular King's Icecream-like. Yam was pretty good.Herbal Jelly - LOVED IT. Extremely bitter.Mango Pudding - Horrible.Others - Rather okay. The ingredients were pretty normal since they were bought from the supermarket, no complains there. However, I do hope they improve a little on the soup, could do them a lot. Overall, the place is good for its price. Do give it a try.Sizzling BBQ & SteamboatAdult: RM28.80 nettSenior Citizen (Age 60+): RM20.80 nettChildren (Age 4-10): RM14.80 netSteamboat onlyAdult: RM23.80 nettSenior Citizen (Age 60+): RM18.80 nettChildren (Age 4-10): RM12.80 net continue reading
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Level2 2013-07-01
当大家来到这家金宝火锅店位于蕉赖友力花园靠近bhp油站对面也在CIMB隔壁,如果一个不留意也很难发现原来这里有间火锅店,听说已有四年了,当我们走进这家餐厅的时候,虽然餐厅里面的装修有点旧,但还可以,因为火锅主要的食物齐全,有海鲜·各种肉类·鱼丸·肉丸·香肠·多种疏菜·香港点心·炸水饺和炸鸡,还有很多很多,甜品有龟年膏·布丁和冰淇淋。这里的汤分四种,清汤·药材汤·南瓜粥汤和Tom Yam汤。吃过这里的食物算是不错,新鲜,汤呢也很够味,老板说本身也下了不少功夫,不然怎能维持四年。如果喜欢火锅的朋友可到这来试试。 continue reading
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