Signature Dishes
Wan Tan Mee
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Level4 2016-02-22
The shop was quite clean and tidy for a coffee shop. I also noticed that they were graded A for their cleanliness.The nasi lemak (RM 2.50) is interesting as I rarely see nasi lemak being served with prawn crackers, usually nasi pattaya is the one being served with it. Anyway, I do not recommend this as the rice was cold and the sambal isn’t nice. Besides, I feel that it is overpriced for a plate of nasi lemak kosong.On the other hand, the chicken curry mee (RM 6) was relatively delicious. They gave 4 pieces of chicken in the curry, which is more than what I have expected! They also gave quite a number of pieces of fu-chuk. The toufu pok though was quite raw. Overall, the noodles was okay.PS: I even ordered another bowl!  The 3 layer tea is RM 3, which is the standard price. It tasted alright as it is not too sweet. continue reading
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