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Seaweed with Mini Shrimps Jelly Fish Salad Braised Pig Intestine Braised Homemade Bean Curd Iced Abalone
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Level3 2016-01-10
The restaurants serves delicious Chinese cuisine indeed! My family and I often go to the restaurants as the food was quite awesome. The dishes we we ordered were served hot, and it feels extremely fresh from the stove! I personally don't really eat Loh Mee, but in here, it's a tragedy not to taste their Loh Mee. I was quite skeptical about the taste, but my dad keep asking me to try, so ended I up I had 3 small bowls with the soup bottoms up! In fact, the appearance does not look like the usual thick and slimy Loh Mee (i'm sorry! 😂), in fact the soup's consistency is just right, and the flavour hit on the right point. Besides that, dad ordered Drunken Cockles as an appetizer, and guess what, in my opinion, cockles have never been so nice. The drunken cockles are "flooded" with chopped garlic to remove the fish smells of it and to give them a pleasant approach for those who are afraid of cockles. If you don't mind garlic, you'll love the cockles like I do. As for the lychee pork, I liked the taste a lot, since it's sweet and sour pork anyway, but I expect the outside be crispy and tender meat inside. As for the spinach, it was boom! The spinach was served in a rich and flavourful broth was allowing the veggies to soak up good amount of the essence! Yums! We did not order any rice to go with the dish, and the dishes are good by its own. Besides that, the Loh Mee is good enough to replace carbs in my opinion.  There's only one thing I would comment is that the portions are quite small over here, as we went in by a group of 8 person and the waiter suggested a set menu but we had to ordered extra since the portion is insufficient. 😅 Despite the small issue, we had a marvelous dining experience here, even though it may take us some time to wait for a table. Kudos! continue reading
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