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Level4 2013-09-26
Beef satay is something people love in Malaysia. Not all the Malaysian eats beef but this is a famous local food for everyone. For beef satay, it is best in the taste of the beef. I like how strong is the taste that makes the whole thing nicer. However, not everyone can accept the smell of the beef or even mutton, some prefers lesser smell of the meat. These satay grilled to perfection, meat was tender though! Very nice to eat with the peanut sauce. continue reading
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Level2 2013-07-05
When it comes to satay, I always believe that Kajang is the best place to enjoy this dish. After all, Kajang town (also known as “Satay Town”) is synonymous with this popular food with Sate Kajang Hj. Samuri being the best satay restaurant. Hence, when I was told that there is another place at USJ 8 which is popular among satay lovers, I was curious to try it out.Known as Pondok Satay, many wouldn’t be aware of its existence due to its inconspicuous location if it wasn’t for the word of mouth about the popularity of this place. I was lucky to reach this restaurant just about time they opened their business for the day. Good thing their charcoal was already amber red despite being early.I ordered a handful of chicken, beef and mutton satay just to try out each variant. Within no time at all, rows of skewered meat was nicely laid out on top of the satay grill with an electric fan blowing onto the amber red charcoal to intensify the heat.It took aroound 10 minutes for the meat to be fully cooked with constant turning on either side just to get a slight charred texture.The chicken satay was chunky, although I generally prefer a combination of lean and fat meat on each skewered just to get a better variety of texture and taste.Pondok Satay tends to serve their chicken satay with minimal fat which may appeal to those who prefer only skewered lean meat. Taste wise, it was not too bad but I wouldn’t say it was fantastic either. For those who are wondering, Pondok Satay serves onions and cucumbers unlike some other stalls that I know which only provides cucumber. No complaints here.The mutton satay was a different thing altogether. Honestly, I have never eaten mutton satay until I visited this place. Now I wished I had tried it sooner. The meat was tender and very moist.You can literally feel the juice oozing out inside your mouth when you chew on the meat. While the meat is really tasty, the peanut sauce lacks the thickness and fragrant peanut flavour as compared to Samuri’s sauce.It was tastier than the chicken satay which I guess is due to the well marinated meat. If I had a chance to visit this place again, mutton satay will be my only choice of meat. As for me, I wouldn’t hesitiate to go to this place again just to have their mutton satay.Pondok SatayPrice (per stick):Chicken RM 0.75Mutton: RM 1.10Beef: RM 0.95 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)