03-2202 2618
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10:00 - 22:00
Mon - Sun
10:00 - 22:00
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Serves breakfast
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Signature Dishes
Grilled Cod Fish Grilled Gindara Sake-Steamed Sea Bream Salmon Ikura Cheese Maki Sesame Ice Cream Sushi Moriawase
Review (1)
A short sprint (or a snail's-paced stroll, as we preferred) from Barn BBQ, there beckons a less obvious but equally effective option for marathon makan _ Japanese food at Telawi's Matsuya. Here's some top-flight (though flightless) protein to masticate at Matsuya. Don't duck the duck _ it has the smoked juiciness to keep our juices going. Who you calling chicken indeed. Warm, soft eel, wrapped in warmer, softer egg omelet. Animal organs can supply muscle mass too, as we trust will be the case with this foie gras in chawanmushi. Love your liver, as the saying goes. Tofu, a meat-free protein powerhouse, topped with sea urchin for a beautiful brininess.Some swear by fish as their finest source of protein, from the head of sake-steamed sea bream... ... to the belly of swift-swimming tuna, a triumphant tableau of tenderness when double-boiled in this soup with mushrooms and veggies. If folks truly are what they eat, then it's too bad our friend is tackling a marathon instead of a triathlon. Hitting the ground running requires more than protein: let's wrap up with some earthy carbs, incarnated in a hot pot of rice mixed with sauteed mushrooms and truffle oil. Reaching the finish line at Matsuya, which serves both wine and sake by the glass. Thankfully, extra edges will push both this restaurant and this entry further. continue reading
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