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Level3 2020-07-14
My first time trying Tori-Paitan, or chicken carcass broth. Scepticism crept across my weathered face from deep within. I almost felt like I was cheating on pork, laying my head next to a feathered creature instead of a squealing.... nevermind. A boisterous woman showed me to my seat, to which I quickly asked "Can I sit there instead" which was of course furthest away from the other guests. I felt my shoulders relax under the avoidance of breathing mouths. Soup was upon me, glistening like a newly washed sportscar, and I dove in without a seconds hesitation. GODDAMN! This was good shit. Like proper good shit. Meltingly delicious meat, firm noodles, awesome egg and the broth, a transcendent beast of a broth. Rich yet unfatty. Comforting yet packed with taste.  continue reading
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Since I have long time do not taste Japanese food , I decided to enter this restaurant and try their specialty dish which is Ramen Char Siu Gohan Set A. This set contains Ramen, Char Siu rice and green tea. And there is choice whether you want the ramen to be spicy or not spicy. And I love spicy food so much and I can't reject to choose the spicy one. I observe that Japanese food usually famous for some ingredients especially spring onions, white carrot, and sesame. And there is spring onions,too in this ramen. It's a little spicy as I ordered the spicy one but don't worry it will not be as spicy as our local dishes such as sambal. And the soup is light soup.Besides, there is char siu rice in this set, too. I love this one so much and again there is no way to run away from the spring onion, white carrot and sesame. Moreover, if you are sensitive enough, you will find that Japanese rice taste different than ours. Japanese rice are more luster, fatter, sticky and more chewy. From the taste, it has stronger fragrance of rice.This is the Japanese dish that I strongly recommend which is Natto. "Natto" means fermented soybean. It has really strong smell and taste of soybean just as strong as our king of fruit,durian. The way to eat Natto is to use your chopstick and stir the Natto until it has mucus-like. You may find it disgusting at first sight but  you will probably end up addicted to Natto. Some people really like it, and some hate it. I personally do not really enjoy Natto because the smell and taste is too strong and heavy. But, no matter what, I strongly recommend you guys to try it!!! Because it is really special and I have never tried that taste before in my life. And the most important thing, Natto is good for health as it is the remedy for cardiovascular disease and lower blood pressure. Good to try this!!Another Japanese dish I would like to recommend is Aji Tamago. It is boiled-egg but the egg yolk is half-boiled. Well, it is all depends on the timing and also temperature to cook it, but I do not have any idea how to do it. It tastes a little salty because it is seasoned by Japanese soy sauce. And you can eat it with your ramen!! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)