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Level4 2014-09-28
Back then i always pass by Lecka Lecka at Sungai Wangoutlet and now expanding their business into e@Curve which operates in abright and open space opposite the Cineplex on level 2 of the mall. LeckaLecka is best and well known for their Gelato which is fresh made daily intraditional Italian style and 99.9% FAT-FREE for sorbets and 94.9% FAT-FREE for milk-basedproducts. Made fresh daily at their own factory right here in KualaLumpur, with the healthiest of fruits and only the best ingredients sourcedfrom around the world. Lecka Lecka have over150 flavours to choose from and the do not worry about your diet plan. Itwas absolutely low in calories count and containsmore nutrients. We arrived quite early for this food tasting and Nita, the supervisor is there to assist us and introducing their specialities here. The staff is quite helpful and they ensure the place is clean all the time.Array of desserts and pastries. Eye-catching promo at the counter offering hotdogs combo, sandwiches , chilled smoothies, waffles with gelato and warm home style brownies with Gelato.Special offers for Sogo Card members and AEON membersHard to resist seeing the mouth watering menu with the temptations of small bite for each - waffle, smoothies, cupcakes, banana puff, Gelato Stick, Gelato Milkshakes and more. Reasonable price for this kiosk chain desserts counter.Comfortable ambiances with large seating space.Even the waiting area for your waffle or any other orders is quite impressive. Or just hanging around here while waiting to catch a movie with a cup of Gelato.Smooth texture Nokies Gelato - Combination of Hazelnut + Cookies. I love this crunchy bite flavour on the big Single Cone.Cup loaded with double scoop of fresh and firm Gelato . Finally, after few spoonful of tasting around, i decided on Strawberry Cheese ( The best seller) and Ferrero Rocher.. Not too sweet just the way I like it. Light and milky.Happy faces and excited for their first Gelato for this weekend. Yummylicious!Slice of Red Velvet Cake (RM 6.50). Layered cake topped with creamy cheese. Moist and soft red velvet sponge.Waffle with double scoop Gelato (RM 9.90). Gelato is slightly warmer than the normal ice cream, rich and creamy taste. Gelato is churned at a much slower speed, which introduces less air into the base. That's the reason why it taste more dense than ice creams. Freshly made waffle with chocolate and vanilla Gelato drizzled with chocolate sauce. Delicious.Warm Cup of Cappucino. It wasn't my liking as the Cappucino has too much of milk. I can't really taste the brewed espresso taste.Fruity goodness Mango Smoothies. Healthy and refreshing drinks ideal just for adults and kids..My girl also love it so much.Wide varieties of cooling Gelato and there are three different delightful Gelato Sticks. Well the good thing is we can ask for tasting for each flavour.Thanks to Damayanthi for this sumptious Gelato treat!Lecka Leckae@Curve, Lot 210(ii), 2nd Floor, Cineleisure Damansara, 2A, Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.Website : http://leckalecka.com/#/homeFacebook Link : https://www.facebook.com/lecka.lecka.gelatoPhone : 03-6274 9900 (Call Mon – Fri: 9am – 5pm)Email : info@leckalecka.com continue reading
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Level3 2013-09-30
We happened to pass by one day at Lecka-lecka on the way to watch movie and decided to try out this gelato kiosk.After 8 (Mint & Chocolate) (left), Weekly Special (Chocolate Brownie) (right)The weekly special of chocolate brownie has left us rather good impression with its spongy brownie texture in between the chocolate gelato. After 8 on the other hand refreshed our taste buds. continue reading
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Level1 2013-08-01
Located at the upper floor of e@Curve, it's hard not to notice the bright, vibrant red colour of Lecka-Lecka's new and improved (they recently refurbished their outlet here) cafe-style gelato heaven. The area is not as crowded as the lower grounds but for a person like me, who enjoys peace and quiet, it's a perfect place to indulge a little in possibly one of the best gelatos in town. I have been in a long-term relationship with my go-to flavour for Lecka-Lecka gelatos - Butterscotch. Creamy, buttery and with the taste/smell of heaven, I just couldn't cheat on it with another flavour. As they are made fresh in their factories in KL, you can be assured that the spoonfuls of velvety delight goes into your belly FRESH! Of course, Lecka-Lecka serves more than just a variety of different-flavoured gelatos, they also tapped into the usual cafe goods - pies, coffee, milkshakes, frappe and other small bites. Best bit for my Muslim comrades, they're certified Halal. Another interesting fact about these gelatos is the fat-count percentage (especially for you weight-watchers out there); it's 99.4% fat-free for milk-based gelato, 99.9% fat-free for fruit-based gelato and sugar-free for soy-based gelato. Awesome, guilt-free gelatos! Woot! continue reading
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Level4 2012-08-07
I usually have 2 scoops here but I got a free upgrade to three scoops using a voucher. Three scoops isn't much anyway. Every time I'm here, I will almost always order the mint chocolate. The mint is cold, minty and sweet. It contains hard and crunchy chocolate pieces inside. Then I'll get the chocolate to compliment it and another random flavour. The gelato is never too sweet and each scoop is refreshingly light. continue reading
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Level4 2012-07-31
Lecka Lecka is a home grown brand of gelato ice cream. Their gelato is made fresh daily and has a low calorie count. They also have a range of soy based gelato.I tried their Lecka Surprise flavor. It was indeed a nice surprise. The ice cream was really light and dense. There were raisins in it and tasted of chocolate. It was good without being creamy. So it felt guilt-free having this ice cream. But I find their ice cream melted at a fast rate. I do wish to mention that the service at this outlet is less than perfect. I find the staff there could do with training on customer service. They appear disinterested and less helpful. continue reading
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