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Review (5)
Level3 2013-10-07
Kee's Creampuffs , a little store nestled in Taipan Business Centre that has been around for quite a while. After reading blogs raving about it we decided to give it a try.Feeling adventurous, my friend and I ordered one tea time set RM7 (Americano/Tea + 2 Premium Cream Puffs) and topped up RM1.50 for a caffe latte , and ordered an additional cup of Cappuccino (RM7)Cookie & Cream and Banana Chocolate Cream Puff! Kee's Creampuff does not skimp on their ingredients. You can see how full the cream is filled in! The cream puffs were really soft, and after one bite, I was instantly hooked on to it. The cream was so smooth and addictive! It instantly melts in my mouth with one bite! Chocolate & Banana is my favourite out of these two. Each bite gives a memorable aromatic blend of chocolate and banana, which lingers in your mouth asking you for more. The cookie and cream was creamier , and also really delicious! It has a distinctive vanilla flavor which enhances the aroma of the Creampuffs. Simply lovely!The body was really smooth, like the latte it was really aromatic.However, the coffee was not hot enough to allow me to enjoy the cuppa fully. But nevertheless it was a great cup of coffeeI really liked the soft, sugary bread cum cookie that are served with the cookie. The sweet, sugary coo_kie-bread (sorry I don't know what it is called lol!) balanced the bitterness of the coffee when dipped into it, soaking up the aromatic coffee, insanely addictive!Latte: Milky & Foamy, just the way a good latte should be The environment at Kee's Creampuffs was pretty cozy, and the lighting was really good for reading, hanging out or chilling continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-24
Creampuffs has always been a light snack or bite best to be consume with tea of coffee. Kee’s Creampuffs offers right about the similar thing, a choux pastry ball filled with custard cream. And to think that creampuffs are almost always dulcified then that’s when we are wrong because the Kee’s Creampuffs treats you with not only fresh bites but also natural ingredients.I was told there would be up to 25 flavours soon, but I was fortunate to be able to taste some of those best selling flavours.Kee’s Classic sells at RM 1.50/pc for purchases less than 10pcs and RM 1.30/pc for purchases above 10 pcs. Box of 25 and 50pcs priced at RM 1/pc and the box of 100 would cost you RM 95. These lovely puffs made great gifts and party snacks. They are bite size and the fillings were fantastically fresh and generous. I tried their classic and I do honestly think that they have got one of the best fillings. The classics are those creampuffs with custard fillings.There is an intense aroma from the kitchen that roams and filled the entire shop even as I was approaching the shop. The shop has got this simple layout and décor made convenient for those only interested with take-outs.Of course if you are the kind that loves enjoying some nice puffs over Freshly brewed coffee or tea, go for the Kee’s Beverage. They might have very little variety over the choices of beverages but who needs an array of choices if they’ve got the best few to go with those lovely puffs.I also tried their Premiums; cookies and cream, coffee, and blueberry flavours to find myself very much in love with the coffee flavoured cream puff. It s funny because I have never been intrigued with coffee flavoured food. I really wouldn’t mind coffees but to have the flavour in something else is just annoying.The key to the delicious puff is in my opinion the filling. Apparently the flavoured puffs were made out of fresh ingredients with zero preservatives or artificial flavours. continue reading
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Level4 2013-01-09
From a small online business, this company has grow into a confectionery shop which sells more than a thousand cream puffs a day. Kee's cream puff sells a large variety of flavored cream puffs and they come up with a new flavor every couple of months to entice the taste buds of their customers. One of my favourite cream puff is their custard cream puff which is rich and yummy. continue reading
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Level4 2012-09-27
Cream puff is a delightful sweet dessert that brings a sense of contentment to me. Ever wonder how a small little looking puff would have such great impact? You got to try the cream puffs from Kee's. They freshly baked their puffs everyday to ensure the best quality sold to you. The puff is moist, and buttery, yet very soft. Not to mention the fresh cream in the filling. This one here is the choco banana cream puffs. Look at the amount of cream and bits of banana in the filling. It was like so full of the cream that at anytime, the cream will squeeze its way out to the puff. The choco cream is very light texture, but full of chocolate taste. The cream actually tasted like a mousse. continue reading
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Level4 2012-08-06
I am not a fan of cream puffs as I find them a bit too heavy for me. But since this shop came highly recommended, I decided to give it a try. I tried two flavours, Classic and Coffee.The puffs are soft with the pastry holding its shape even after a day. The Classic flavour is the original one with custard cream filling. The cream is very smooth and it was just the right consistency. I could feel the cream melting in my mouth. Mixed with the pastry, it was a fantastic combination.The Coffee flavour has just a hint of coffee taste but I would have preferred a stronger taste of coffee as I am a coffee lover. But it was the same smooth consistency and it was creamy without being heavy. Really great recipe. continue reading
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