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Jollibean - We've BEAN Spreading JoyI love the above tagline - the All In One Drink and Snack concept stores by Jollibean. I saw few advertisement on the website selling a very good deal on Jollibean food and drinks in the past few months so I decided to check this place with my foodies friends. Jollibean is located at LG Floor Berjaya Time Square, a kiosk that serves soy milk products, Mee Chiang Kueh, pancakes, and soy puddings. Jollibeans has more than 30 outlets in Singapore and 2 outles in Malaysia - Berjaya Time Square and Sunway Pyramid. Mr.Vincent Tan once visited Singapore and he tried the Crispy crepe with peanuts fillings. He love the crispy crepe so much and he bought over this brand to introduce in Malaysia market. Jollibean will be venturing and expanding to 3 more kisok soon placed at LRT station.Jollibean's soy milk products offering menu such as Gula Melaka SoyBeancurd, Soy Pudding, Mee Chiang Kueh , Pancakes with delicious fillings, Almond Soy Milk, Matcha Soy Milk, and more.You can spot this kiosk once coming down from the escalator.Current ongoing promotionAt Jollibean, only the best qualityCanadian ‘Hellum’ Soya beans are being used. With the help of speciallydesigned machines, 100% natural servings of soya milk are prepared fresh ondemand, everytime and anytime. The fresh hot soy milk is available at 8.30am.They will brewed the fresh soy milk early in the morning and prepared it freshdaily. You can come over to buy a cup of warm soy milk and pancake for a lightbreakfast.No preservative and no colourings, just fresh and natural soya milk in everycup! Calcium intake willbe fulfill with two glasses of Jollibean soy milk a day. Drinks that are packwith all natural ingredients and nutritious to a healthier lifestyle.Options to take away or dine in hereFew varieties of soy milk choices with reasonable price.(Nett price). The soy milk are fresh, chilled and undiluted. The drinks is chilled through drink's dispenser with no added ice.Packed Soy Pudding which comes in 4 flavours - Classic, Almond, Matcha and Chocolate. Soya bean pudding is the soy milk that was produced with addition of powder to make those agar agar leaving the texture is slightly different from tau fu fah. Keep refrigerated all the time and if you wish to take away these fresh soy pudding, you can still consume it within 3-4 days.Daily fresh make Apam Balik. In chinese we called it " Tai Kau Min", In Hokkien language well known of "Ban Chang Kueh" while some also called it as " Mee Chiang Kueh" in Singapore. This is the old traditional kueh that reminds me of my childhood days where I used to drop by to have two pieces each time I pass by a small stall at Petaling Street. Jollibean have Mee Jiang Kueh in pandan green flavour, pineapple flavour, chocolate, kaya and my favourite peanuts.Stay Crisp Crepe is also one of the signature food here that comes with three choices - Red bean, peanuts and chicken floss.Quick snack of mini rolls is also available that comes with fillings of mixed peanut, pandan green bean, chicken floss, red bean and cheeseWe start with a refreshing Jolli Chendol drinks which are one of their current promotions now. I love the sweetness level (not too sweet) and added on with the red beans. This soy milk drink contains lot of goodness and I like the taste.Canadiansoy beans are pure and natural, using only Grade A,Non GMP, and single varietyIP Canadian Soy Beans.Matcha and Almond soy puddingChocolate flavourThe best selling Classic Soy Pudding. Jollibean soy pudding is made of freshly churned soy milk. You must try this at least once. The taste was so original, pure and smooth light texture. It's a very comfort desserts that will be in my desserts list. Awesome!Jollibean’s signature soft silky Soy Beancurd (We also called it as Tau Fu Fa) is a healthy dessert produced from Jollibean’s soy milk. It does not use gypsum fibrosum and all purely from the soy milk to make such excellent smooth texture. Freshness and authentic taste of homemade soy beancurd. Ienjoy every spoonful which slides down slowly in my throat. Infact i can finishup the whole bowl. Options for gula melaka, classic, ginger or almond syrup.Sampling portionThe exact portion We try the next Jolli Freeze Matcha drinks. Served cold with lots of red beans on top. The matcha is imported from Japan. Taste of the high quality matcha soy milk with a twist of green tea flavour and less sweet.Here comes the popular snack, the sweet treat for this afternoon - The Mee Jiang Kueh / Ban Chiang Kueh / Apam BalikFillings of green beanEvery pieces are thick and fluffy.The Mee Jiang Kueh is well prepared daily that has a nice layer of golden brown colour and packed with sufficient amount of fillings. It does have a soft and spongy texture, not oily at all when we hold it .Generous amount of the fillings and my personal preference will be the green bean and peanuts.Crispy crunch apam balik that are filled up with fine chopped ground roasted peanuts and sugar with right level of sweetness. Just like tasting the Luo mai chi (Glutinous Ball) , a famous Chinese dessert made with glutinous rice flour which are also packed with lots of peanuts and sugar. Highly recommended.Pinepple fillings - Smooth surface with aromatic pineapple fillings spread evenly inside the pancake. Mini RollsIdeal choice for a quick snackCrisp Pancake that are crispy on both inside and outside with lots of stuffings. My top choice will be the peanuts fillings. The peanuts are fine and fragrant. Delicious snack that I will consider the most. Jollibean crisp pancake version can last for a week. You can keep in a tight container and bring it along for travel. It does have a secret recipe to maintain the crispiness and need approximately 20 to 25 minutes to prepare this pancake. The texture is crispy and every bite is so satisfied.Chicken FlossPeanutsGinger Soy Milk - Ginger is my all time favourite and everybody knows ginger do play a big role and have lots of benefits to our body. It serves as natural treatment for colds and flu, improve digestion, treats morning sickness, lower cholesterol level and etc. Addictive drinks that I would love to try it again for my next visit. Yumm..Thanks Salwa and Daniel for the great hospitality.Looking forward slurping on some freshsoymilk? Check this awesome place yourselves!Jollibean Malaysia@ Berjaya Time SquareLot LG-18A-2 Central Lower GroundBerjaya Times Square1 Jalan Imbi55100 Kuala LumpurWebsite : http://www.jollibean.com/products.htmMenu : https://ls.app.box.com/JollibeanLSMenuFacebook : https://www.facebook.com/JollibeanMalaysia?fref=ts continue reading
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Level4 2015-08-20
Whatdrawn me to Jollibean initially isthe fact that, I finally found a place where I could enjoy a healthful andfreshly made ‘taufufa’ without the usage of gypsum, or more commonly knownamong Chinese as ‘sek ko fun’.The petite kioskembarking on an ‘All-in-one Drink and Snack’ concept storeis originated from Singapore and local folks here could now locate it convenientlyat the Lower Ground of Berjaya Times Square.Jollibeanuses only the best quality Canadian ‘Hellum’ Soya beans that are prepared freshon demand with the help of specially designed machines, to extract 100% naturalservings of soya milk in every cup as freshness is never compromised.GINGER SOY MILK (MYR 5.30)Never been so warm andsatisfying by having it hot. It’s good for the body immunity system too.For the Freeze IcedBlended Station, we tried………J-SPECIAL SOY FREEZE (MYR 8.50)It’s actually a mixture ofmatcha soyfreeze with Japanese Azuki Red Beans over soy milk.All food are jolli-fully madefrom pure and natural state, without the involvement of any flavoringnor preservatives. Hence customers could enjoy their meal worry free yetensuring optimum daily diet intake. To complement the soya milk, a fast vanishinglocal snack is also incorporated to make it a wholesome affair- Pancakes (widely known in Singapore as Mee Chiang Kueh but fondlyknown to us here as Apam Balik, Ban Chiang Kueh or Jollipancake, as given bythe joyful gnomes of Jollibean.Indeed, the pancakes arefluffily thick but soft, but somewhat denser than the usual one you seen inPenang or KL. Best eaten warm and currently, there are 4 flavours to choosefrom.APAM BALIK PANDAN GREEN BEAN (MYR 2.50)APAM BALIK PINEAPPLE (MYR 2.50)A rather unique fillingthat closely resembles those familiar companion for your yummy pineapple tart. Thankfully,it’s not too sugary sweet as it’s homemade. Yum!APAM BALIK PEANUT (MYR 2)Love it the most! (=Or MINI ROLLS of mixed flavours (MYR5.30- BOX OF 6 PCS)If you are up for somelight snacks, then fix your craving by trying out the nearly ethereally lightcrepe bites that gonna get you hooked on for more. Peanuts filling inparticular, is the crème de la cream among all due to the fragrant and aromaticnutty bites of the coarsely crushed groundnuts. No wonder it’s also the fave ofVincent Tan, the person who brought inthis brand to Malaysia for the love of this oriental crepe after trying it outfor the first time during his visit to Singapore previously. Each circularcrepe need at least 20 minutes to be prepared as it involved some ‘secret trade’skills to prepare it crisply which allows it to be kept fresh yet still crunchyup to a week, wow! Stay crisp pancake whichcomes in different fillings. Again, the peanut is simply stellar! CHICKEN FLOSS (MYR 2.60 FOR 1PC | MYR FOR 13 PCS)RED BEAN (MYR 2)PEANUT (MYR 2)You called it Tau Fu Fa,they loved it as Soy Beancurd (=Freshly made daily usingGrade A, non-GMO, Identity Preserved (IP) Canadian Soy BeansFor the Jolli bowl of taufu fah, enjoy it the classic way or with some tinge of sugar.GULA MELAKA (MYR 3.70)New Item!JOLLI CHENDOL (MYR 5.90)Choice of grass jelly orred beanSomecooling desserts to tantalize you further!For the Jolli Puddingrange, customers could opt from 4 flavours. Among them, the almondbowl warms the cockles of my heart best with its subtle hint of almond tastethat is pleasantly soothing, and their classic comes after that. It’s so lightand silken that if you are being not so careful, you would end up slurping in abig chunk of the delicate pudding at one go, haha. CLASSIC (MYR 4.20)MATCHA (MYR 5.30)CHOCOLATE (MYR 5.30)ALMOND (MYR 5.30)It is said that with just2 glasses of Jollibean soy milk a day, your daily calcium requirement isfulfilled. So let’s start spreading the joy of staying healthy and eatingnutritiously!Cheers for now and follow us at Carpe Diem (https://www.facebook.com/joiedevivrelass)for more ‘food-ful’ discoveries! ❤ℒℴѵℯ❤Location: LotLG-18A-2, Central Lower Ground, Berjaya Times Square, 1 Jalan Imbi, 55100 KualaLumpur BusinessHours: 10am -10pmWebsite: http://www.jollibean.com/products.htmFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/JollibeanMalaysia continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)