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Level1 2016-06-05
Taco is too spicy and over powering. The beef for the fijita is very tough. not an enjoyable dinner. continue reading
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For a special dinner with my BFF, I searched for some ideas of recommended eateries around PJ. Read some reviews on Trip Advisor, and Frontera at Jaya One seems to have gotten many positive reviews. In fact, I have passed by Frontera countless times in the past, thus these reviews that I read online did help in getting additional businesses for some F&B outlets. The feeling I got when I stepped in was it was very simple, with minimal decorative items that represent the feel of a Mexican restaurant. We chose the inside seating, with apparent bright orange color walls that exudes warmness and cosyness of Frontera. Entrance of FronteraMy BFF started with plate of Caesar Salad. This was a plate of fresh romaine lettuce served with their homemade Southwestern Caesar dressing, and topped with some tortilla strips to add in the crunchiness to the tastebud. Some shaved Parmesan cheese were also included in this salad. Overall all their food were presented in a absolutely neat manner. Nice. Southwestern Caesar Salad. Price-RM11.95All main meals came with Mexican rice. Main ingredients to make consisted of white rice, tomatoes, garlic and onion. One of my dinner companion had the Tex-Mex Burrito, whereby it was homemade flour tortilla filled with shredded chicken (option available for beef too), refried beans and cheese. Very tasty with the cheesy wet cheese accompanying each bit of the tortilla filled with chicken. Tex-Mex Burrito. Price-RM19.95 The Enchiladas Nortena is corn tortilla wrapped with fillings, and this particular one that we ordered was the roasted beef. The entire corn tortilla was oven baked, and then served with more slow roasted beef, topped with cheese. This style of cooking made the beef much softer, and the juiciness of the beef was truly satisfying to the stomach. Sides included the beans, cooked in a nice sauce, pico de gallo (tomato salsa), and Mexican rice. Enchiladas Nortena (Beef). Price-RM32.50Me and my bff had seafood, and throughout eating, we were just nodding our head, with sense of satisfaction apparent on our faces. She had the maple glazed Salmon, whereby the salmon was flame grilled, cooked to just the right level, to bring out the pure taste of salmon. It was then glazed with maple chipotle, served with Mexican rice, and saute vege. Maple Glazed Salmon. Price-RM37.50I was craving for prawns thus went for the Seafood Skewers. One of my best choice of food I ever made. It came with 3 skewers, with each consisted of 2 big prawns, 2 chunks of salmon, bell pepper and mushroom at one end of the skewer. I was highly satisfied with the portion, and the taste. It tasted divine, with just the right balance of aroma and natural sweetness of of the ingredients. The sides consisted of guacamole and pico de gallo. Healthy and tasty. The combination of the Mexican rice, the skewers and the sides were just right to deliver a satisfactory meal. Seafood Skewers. Price-RM39.50It has been a long time since I had such an awesome dinner. We were all very pleased with our food, and am certain to be back to repeat the same order, and try out their other offerings. During my dinner, it was apparent that most of its air-conditioners weren't working well, and for the one working that was close to where we were sitting, it has some water leakage. Overall, it was rather warm. The interior and furniture seemed a little over-used, and some slight touch up wouldn't definitely give their patrons a much better experience.Food - 10/10Price - 9/10Service - 8/10 Ambiance - 5/10Frontera, Sol of Mexico18-G-2 Palm Square, Jaya One, 72A Jalan Universiti, 46200 Petaling Jaya Tel : 03-7958 8515Business Hours : Tue-Sun 12noon - 12mn (Fri & Sat close at 1am)FB link, here continue reading
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Level4 2014-08-17
Since dad felt like eating Mexican food today, naturally I would choose one of my favourite places and also where the price is ok and parking is not such a problem like in malls. I have been here long time ago for valentine's day and also dad's birthday previously. Luckily I came here today as I also discovered that Jaya Square is just opened. Not many shops inside but at least one discovery. The best part are the New York-like mobile food trucks at  The Square which I heard are opened every Sunday. So you bet where I will be next Sunday? Hahaha....Anyway, I was intrigued by the Little Fat Duck truck as the name sounds like one I have heard of. Anyway, dad is not a fan of such things so we ended up going to Frontera like my original plan. I wonder why there is always no one here and we are usually the only one. Mum said probably it is more a bistro for the nights otherwise it would not have stayed open for such a long time, at least 3 years ago on my first Valentine's Day and where I received a free ticket to Avril Lavigne and we accidentally locked my car keys inside the car. But let's not loose focus on the food review. I ordered the Lamb Enchiladas (RM 32.95) which was grilled lamb wrapped in cheese. There are side dishes of Mexican arroz (rice) and also a very small bit of salad (which is too bad as we like salad) and also baked kidney beans cooked Mexican style. The Chicken Enchiladas (RM 29.90) was not that bad. I am not a chicken fan so I have not much to comment. There are some onions and lettuce wrapped inside. Rice and beans are the usual side-dish again. I wish I read the menu on this and opt for some other side dish like mashed potato etc as I do not like to eat rice. The Dory Fish tacos (RM 7.95) was too normal for me. It was just a slab of deep-fried dory fish wrapped in crispy tortilla taco. The sauce was not spicy enough as expected. I ordered Cranberry Juice (RM 6.95) which is also quite normal and was something like those from the bottle. Dad ordered the lime juice. But I really like the Mexican music as I like all things in Mexican and Spanish rhythm. After visiting this place, I started having nostalgia. So perhaps I have to KIV this place in future till one day, a very long time later.  continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-20
The mains were this great list of assorted Ingredients of a variety of poultries and seafood. Well I couldn’t possibly try all of it, although deep down, I really do wanna whack everything. LOL..So I tried the Maple Glazed Salmon. Salmon was moist and fresh. Chuparse los dedos! continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-27
So, Chili's isn't the only joint in town to serve bottomly nachos. Frontera does it too, and I'm inclined to favour theirs over Chili's. Why? The salsa tastes fresher, and the chips are lighter and airier.I had planned to have a burger for dinner, but after a few drinks and PLENTY of nachos, I had to be "that guy" who just comes to finish off the bottomless nachos. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)