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Recommended by a friend of mine, I decided to visit this cafe in the evening. As I enter this cafe, it gives me a very warm welcome feeling. I love how friendly the workers are. The ambience is too nice that it gives me the Christmas mood. Not sure why though. I certainly opt for Hot chocolate and their custard bakery. I love their hot chocolate!!! As for the bakery, I thought of trying their croissant but all sold off. I would say the bakery would be way nicer when it is served hot in the morning, rather than cold when you visit in the evening. I definitely will come back for their hot chocolate and try out their breakfast set! continue reading
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Level1 2015-07-19
Der Backmeister is a lovely new German cafe and bakery, facing a leafy green area in TTDI along Persiaran Zaaba. My husband and I were on the way to the dry cleaners when we spotted this little gem of a cafe; A great addition to an area already growing with interesting independent food shops, Der Backmeister is nestled between Homst Chinese Muslim restaurant, Juicy Bits fruit shop and Coffee Amo cafe. With a range of different breads and pastries, they also serve halal cold cuts with their breakfast and lunch offerings.Although the cafe was busy on a weekend, it didn't take us long to find seats as there was plenty of room both indoor and outdoor. We were greeted by very friendly staff who informed us that the cafe had only been open for 10 days so they only accept cash for now, however will accept cards soon. Delectable-looking local breads invite you to sample, while their wooden tables, benches and gingham table runners provided a cosy feel reminiscent of authentic German bakeries we had visited while in Berlin. My husband ordered their Backmeister Breakfast which consisted of a range of cold cuts, a bread basket, cheese and jam (RM23) while I ordered a dish containing a thick cut of turkey ham, a large sunny side up egg, multigrain rye bread, cucumber and tomato (RM18). There was a good selection of different breads and rolls in the bread basket, he enjoyed his brunch thoroughly as it reminded him of the eastern european fare he used to have back home. I myself found my meal to be incredibly pleasant, the thick-cut turkey ham paired beautifully with the egg and that delicious multigrain rye. They would usually let you choose your own although I would highly recommend this multigrain bread. I also realised that they usually serve this dish with chicken meatloaf but they had run out during our visit, certainly something to sample next time. Their coffee was also excellent, strong and well-rounded at RM9 each. Overall we had a lovely experience at this cafe, a great new addition to the area and we will certainly visit again! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)