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Level3 2016-01-26
Its a long weekend and it is definitely be the best time to spend with your family. So me and my family went to Black Canyon to have a family dinner. We all craving for thai food, so i think we should try this restaurant.So this restaurant is a choice for a family dinner/lunch. The prices here is also cheap and reasonable. Might not be the best thai food but acceptable. Lets start with the menu, pretty much all the famous thai food are in the menu, so a must try dish would be the tomyam. A signature dish for each thai restaurant.We ordered this set that cost RM29.90 which include 2 rice, 1 sweet and sour fish and some vegie. I think the price is quite reasonable with the portion given. So we ordered mixed tomyam and and Pad thai that cost around RM10 each. The tomyam is not that bad actually but the favorite dish would be the sweet and sour fish. I am in love with it as compared to others. But sadly, the portion was quite small . As for the pad thai, it tasted too sour and less spicy. Would be good if they put some other sauces. As for drinks, i ordered iced green tea and my sister ordered the blueberry smoothies. The rest ordered iced lemon tea which is boring~ lol. So surprisingly the blueberry smooties was really really good! not too sour and not too sweet. The iced green tea is not that delicious tho (i would prefer boat noodle iced green tea). So there you go, another thai restaurant. Because i love thai food so much, i will keep looking for some other restaurants to try out. Overall: awesome blueberry smoothies, reasonable price, moderate environment continue reading
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Level3 2013-07-05
Minty Tea Punch. Black Canyon offers not only coffee varieties, but they offer also ice drinks and some unique ones. This minty tea punch is one of the unique drink offered by the Coffee House. The drink was topped with a mint leaf. I mix the mint into the juice for a while and took it out, so that the mint will not overpowered the drink. The drink was tangy and sweet, very nice. continue reading
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Black Canyon Restaurant is located within Aeon Jusco AU2 Shopping Complex which serves local fusion dishes. The other night I was with Janice when it rained heavily after work, hence the nearest shaded place to crash for dinner would be Jaya Jusco AU2 in Keramat, Ampang. After a couple of rounds walking around trying to find a decent restaurant, we ended up having our dinner here.Black Canyon RestaurantG71, Gnd Flr Aeon AU2 Shopping Center,6, Jalan Taman Setiawansa (Jalan 37156),AU2 Bandar Baru Ampang, 54200,Kuala Lumpur.Tel : 03 – 4251 2328Fax: 03 – 42515329The ambiance of Black Canyon was rather comfortable, modern yet cozy. The waiters dressed like Japanese chefs, even though there weren't any Japanese food in the menu. A quick browse through the restaurant's menu and I was ready to order some food. We were rather hungry that evening probably because it was getting late, with the rain and all. I have no scientific proof, but I always find myself getting hungry whenever it rains. Probably there is a connection, or not. Anyway, we ordered the a couple of dishes, with me going for the set Thai Cuisine meal of the Thai Styled Fried Rice with Prawns which comes with a small bowl of Spicy Mini Chicken Tom Yum. The Thai Styled Fried Rice was okay, but not memorable as it tastes rather bland. My thoughts on it was that they just stir fried it with oyster sauce and prawns which Janice agreed too. The Spicy Mini Chicken Tom Yum however, was too spicy. I understand Tom Yum's are best taken hot and spicy, but too much spiciness coupled with the fact that the soup was too watery really made a poor impression on this set meal. The Chicken Minced Rice Noodle was just another pretty name for "Sah Hor Fun" with the added sourish taste. The taste however wasn't bad, and Janice did comment that it tasted rather good. I'm not into soupy dishes, so let's just say this dish is really flavorful. The next dish I ordered which was the Lemongrass Roasted Chicken as pictured below went much better with my taste buds.Overall, a meal which did satisfy my stomach, but not so for the taste buds. For the price I paid for, I did have a higher expectation of the food here. Come here only if you have tried all the other restaurants in Aeon Jusco AU2 Shopping Mall. continue reading
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