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Level3 2015-08-21
If you are walking around bukit bintang, passing by F88 you will not missed 3 foreign men at the entrance of Al Amar Express, selling homemade Turkish Ice Cream and performing some simple tricks attracting attention of shoppers especially tourists.After walking pass them and watching them perform ample of times, I finally decided to give them a chance by purchasing a chocolate flavour Turkish Ice Cream. As usually they did their little tricks before handing the icy cold ice cream to you. In term of taste, turkish ice cream do taste very different comparing to our usual ice cream. I This chocolate ice cream do have a nice rich chocolate taste but it not deep chocolate. It is less milky and creamy making it not too heavy as an afternoon snack. Overall the taste is rather light so chocolate lover this is not for you.  continue reading
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Level4 2012-10-25
Buoyed by its success at Pavilion, Al-Amar has launched an "express" branch outside Fahrenheit 88, offering what could be considered a fast food version of Lebanese cuisine. Steamed fava beans with olive oil, lemon juice, garlic & parsley. A surprisingly hearty, seemingly healthy recipe to warm and fill our tummies. Minced lamb wrapped in bread with hummus, onions & pickles. Easy to eat, without the messiness of Western burgers and sandwiches. But then, this isn't half as satisfyingly juicy and flavorsome as a Burger King Whopper. Baked eggs with ground beef, served in a hot pot. Playfully called 'Eggcellence' on the menu. Alas, we left the bowl covered with a lid for too long, causing the trio of yolks to turn hard instead of remaining runny. Lebanese pizza topped with cheese & spicy lamb sausages (sujuk). Only recommended for those who prefer relatively thick crusts. Might have been more fulfilling with a more generous sprinkling of sausage slices. Iced mint tea & date juice. Beer is available, but not any other booze. Service is warm and speedy. Al-Amar Express closes at 3am, which makes it convenient for late-night snacks. Shisha is also supplied, naturally. continue reading
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Level4 2012-07-01
I love eggplant, and therefore love mutabbal. It's essentially mashed grilled eggplants with some oils. At Al-Amar Express, the mutabbal is coarsely mashed and topped off with olive oil and pomegranate pulp. The earthy flavour with the aromatic olive oil goes well together, and the sweet pomegranate pulp is an added surprise.The bread is coarse and dry, but holds the mutabbal very well.They also serve a selection of fresh pastries that are mostly quite juicy and delicious. continue reading
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Al-amar Express is situated right on Jalan Bukit Bintang outside of the Fahrenheit 88 mall. Walking on the street, you will not miss the bright interior heavily accented with their signature red and cream combination, not to mention the constant stream of patrons.We arrived at the outlet on a friday night, after I’ve made a minor dent on my wallet having shopped at Pavilion (dangerous place, that one). A bottle of Chateau Musar Jeune White was prompted opened. Fridays are indeed for clinking of glasses, and sharing of good food with great company.The dishes we ordered arrived rather quickly, which was pleasing to our hungry tummies.Having ordered the Tabbouleh last time, we’ve decided to go with the Fattoush salad instead. It’s basically a Lebanese bread salad (in this case, fried pita chips) with tomato, cucumber, radish, mint leaves, lettuce and rockets finished with Sumac dressing. The pita chips were quite addictive, and I like the unique tartness of purple Sumac. Very appetising.Shawarma, also closely related to Doner Kebabs, and the Greek Gyros, simply refers to marinated meat on the spit, grilled. To serve, shavings of the meat are either wrapped in pita bread, or on the plate as a platter with condiments. We had a Beef Sharwarma platter which comes with pita bread, pickles, onions/herbs, tarator sauce, and french fries. To eat this, you take a piece of bread, spoon the beef shavings, followed by the vegetables and tarator sauce. Yum. They also have a Chicken version which comes with garlic sauce.And this has got to be my favourite dish at Al-amar Express. The beautifully marinated Chicken was grilled to perfection, and served with bread, spicy garlic sauce, pickles and more french fries. Have to remember to order it sans the fries next time. Carb overload! Delicious smoky flavour, incredibly juicy and you can tell it has been marinated at least overnight. I suppose the word spicy doesn’t refer to ‘hot’ but rather the spices. Or I just have a numb tongue destroyed by the very fiery Dak Galbi couple of nights prior to my visit. I think I could eat this whole dish alone! As for the garlic sauce, let’s just say I want the recipe. Must find a way to get it from the chef.The bill came to just over RM230, the bottle of wine itself was RM135++ though. Didn’t have a problem with the service, in fact one of the waiters spotted something in my drink (could be a fly, I’m not sure) before I did and promptly changed to a new full glass of wine. Attentiveness, checked. continue reading
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Level4 2012-05-23
Never knew they have lunch set over here. Feel like want to eat chicken on that day and best is when the words Half Chicken appeared. The half chicken here comes with fries and some bread. The chicken skin taste very crispy and the meat is soft. But after awhile you will feel the chicken is quite dry. Due to the wrong sitting posture, I couldn't finish clear off the chicken. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)