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Level4 2016-01-07
Although I love eating vegetables, all kinds of it and am happy just having those. But then there are days where I am an absolute carnivore when all I want to eat is just meat & meat only. Sometimes its worth traveling way out of my way just to get something good to eat.Mother brought us all the way to Puchong to try out some BKT. Apparently she was brought there by a client and really liked the food, even if it is way out of our way. Plus going there in the afternoon is kind of crazy since it's super hot and when drinking soup, it's just going to make you sweat even more. An order we go that had me going slightly crazy was the paper wrapped herbal chicken. Although the size of it was small, the super soft & tender meat that has absorbed all the flavour of the sauce just makes it easy to overlook that. I really liked coating my rice with the thick and heavily flavoured sauce, eating all the goji berry at the same time. The onyl thing is I wish there was more of the sauce rather than the scarce amount that we got. And of course we had to get an order of BKT plus some braised pork too. The one here was pretty good because the soup had a strong flavour of herbs which was just to our liking, plus each spoonful of scalding hot BKT soup was worth it despite the heat. I'd definitely drive up to Ah Soon just to have my fix of meat & BKT. :3 continue reading
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