Top 3 Street Food Opens in Sunway Putra Mall and These are What You Need to Try!

You know how insanely good that plate of Hokkien Mee served piping hot in front of you, that aroma and that steam goes through the noodles; a personal plate of fish that doesn’t need to share with or even the best of braised meat rice and pork & chicken hot soup all come handy in this mall!

Head over to Sunway Putra Mall for a good food session because of not just that it contains most eateries here, now they present you with the best of Chinese Hawker Food – FOOD VILLAGE at Level 3! Enjoy these food without the need to sweat as you’re dining in a mall that is an air-conditioned, spacious and comfy environment, why not?

1. Kim Lian Kee

Founded in the year 1927, Kim Lian Kee is known for the best charcoal fire Hokkien Mee at Petaling Street and they still are now even better – serving in malls too! The latest would be here in Sunway Putra Mall’s Food Village.

Over decades and still insist on using charcoal fire, that aromatic ‘Wok Hei’ is what you go gaga over for. They say, old is gold – this proves them right!

Signature Hokkien Mee

It would be an incomplete meal if you weren’t here for the Signature Hokkien Mee. Cook upon order, uses thick yellow noodles, prawns, vegetables, pork meat, dark soy sauce and pork lard; this completes it all.

Spicy Stir-Fried Loh Shu Fun

With a hint of spiciness coming from this dish, it is so appetizing that one could finish up this dish alone. Cooking just right, this plate of Spicy Stir Fried Loh Shu Fun too uses pork lard in it and it is appetizing as the spiciness from the Cili Padi enhances you appetite easily.

Pork Soup

If you’re more of a soupy person, this is recommended for you. A pork soup that doesn’t disappoint – comes with cabbage and pork meat, the portion is good for sharing too. Thick consistency and tummy warming, thumbs up!

2. Lan Je Steam Fish

Began their journey from Rawang and now expanding to major places in Klang Valley, Lan Je Steam Fish is now in Sunway Putra Mall’s Food Village too. 

Steamed Tilapia Fish

One whole fish per pax is what they are known for, you’ll enjoy fresh steamed fish that is topped with lots of garlic and ginger paste not forgetting you can choose from a few spiciness levels too. Firm fish meat, juicy and no weird fishy smell, no wonder many enjoyed this dish here.

Steamed Chicken

Uses the same ginger paste, garlic, and chili with the premium soy sauce, the steamed chicken was succulent, juicy and a good dish to be eaten with rice!

Steamed Eggs

A homey dish that most Chinese families will eat – Steamed Eggs are seen on the menu too! Just right, smooth and eggy, nothing beats the best of home-cooked dishes style of course.

3. Little Hot Wok

Having an extensive menu, Little Hot Wok serves more choices of food like rice, noodles, porridges, and beverages; let’s take a look at it!

Braised Pork Rice

The braised pork rice essentials – soft and tender braised pork, whole braised egg, vegetables, and pickles; you know that braised gravy was the key to a whole bowl of satisfaction guaranteed meal! The braised pork meat was really tender, the meat portion was good and what else than a simple meal you’ve could have asked for?

Pork & Chicken Hot Soup

A soup that warms you up instantly? Pick this Pork & Chicken Hot Soup then. Soup looks clear but thick in tastes prove you wrong for sure! The hotness of the soup comes from the peppers and a slight hint of sweetness from the meat making sure you’ll enjoy the last sip! Uses spices and herbs in it, what a valuable pot of goodness!

Stewed Mui Choy Pork Rice

Another homey dish that you could not miss – the stewed mui choy pork rice! Savory braised pork with that slight sweet preserved vege – ‘Mui Choy’ is the best combo! One of the most ordinary looking dishes but tastes extraordinary; it is so good when you mixed everything up!

Want to enjoy the best food 3 at a go? Then it got to be at Sunway Putra Mall’s FOOD VILLAGE at Level 3! Good for lunch and dinner meet up location – don’t say we Bo Jio!

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