The Never Ending Salted Egg Madness!
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Salted eggs are back with more aggressiveness than before! While you think you can just eat them up on normal dishes, especially your favorite Salted Egg Crabs, you’re definitely wrong! Coming back strong and better in taste, it is now better in desserts! Let’s check them out!

1. Wondermilk

Wondermilk, Cupcakes, Salted Egg Eclairs, Salted Egg, Damansara Uptown, PJ
Photo credit to:Wondermilk instagram
Coming out with their new creation of Salted Egg Éclair Cupcakes, they are a real deal! Usually selling fast, you know how good it got to be! Crunchy outer layer and runny messy salted egg yolk filling inside, what is stopping you from getting it?

2. A Pie Thing

A Pie Thing, Salted Egg Pie, Salted Egg, Damansara Uptown, PJ
Photo credit to:A Pie Thing Facebook
The next salted egg filling is inside of a pie! Crumbly crust and soft in the middle, the salted egg pie is a must try here! Soft and creamy, the salted egg filling makes the best savory pie you should be eating right now!

3. AMPM Café

Their salted egg pancake previously gained attention by many and now they have this Sweet Potato Fries with Salted Egg Yolk Dipping sauce! Shoe string sweet potato fries that is nicely deep fried and still hot and soft inside, dip them into the special prepared sauce and you’ll know how good it is!

4. Dotty’s

Dotty’s at TTDI gained attention from many since they launched this! Salted Egg Cronut. A donut but made from the croissant texture, topped with Salted Egg sauce, this is one of the best masterpiece here! Limited pieces per day, you better hurry up!

5. Softcore Molten Cake Co.

Molten lava cakes are something worth to die for especially when it overflows with chocolate. Now it overflows with golden in color filling and tastes savory too! Salted egg is it. Oozes out with salted egg goodness inside and with vanilla ice cream, how could you not try this?

6. Every Sundae

Famous for the cloud like cotton candy soft serve, Every Sundae will never fail to entice you with their delectable soft serve. What’s better is that they have the latest creation of Salted Egg Yolk soft gelato! Creamy texture and tastes just like how the golden sandy egg yolk should taste like, cheers to that!
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