8 Most Awesome Food Places in Damansara Uptown
Damansara Uptown is strategically placed, and that’s a fact. The area sees easy access to the LDP highway, housing areas, shopping malls and shop lots, but we’re not here for those — we’re here for the food. (What else, right?!) Damansara Uptown hosts eateries you can’t really find anywhere else, so if you haven’t made a drive down to the area yet, you’re missing out.

Here are 8 awesome places in Damansara Uptown that will be worth your time!

1. O Banh Mi 

The magic of banh mi is undeniable. The crispiness of the baguette compliments the fillings of pickled vegetables and pork slices so well. Otherwise known by some people as the Vietnamese version of Subway, O Banh Mi serves authentic banh mi ready to cater to your curious taste buds and introduce you to the wonders of flavours from Vietnam.

2. Village Park Restaurant 

Village Park is known to serve the BEST nasi lemak in town and one of the best in all of Malaysia. Many customers have fallen deeply in love with their signature dish, Fried Chicken Nasi Lemak, and we reckon that you should be the next. In fact, we have not found a plate of nasi lemak tastier than the one served here, so mark our words.

3. The Good Batch 

The Good Batch brings will redefine how you see creativity with their recipes. Food here is diligently prepared and boasts a sort of confidence you don’t usually find in other food. Western fare is a staple here, with hilariously unfitting names such as the Ang Moh, featuring a breakfast-styled platter with scrambled eggs, bacons and side vegetables. By the way, we totally recommend the dish!

4. Departure Lounge 

This quirky café takes on the concept of a departure lounge, literally. Your table number is your “boarding pass”, even! Photos scatter all over the wall to symbolize memories of your trips. Food is the most noteworthy part (duh) of the café, swanking delights such as Triplet Omelette and Chicken Pesto Pasta that will take your taste buds on a sensational adventure.

5. Damansara Uptown Hokkien Mee Restaurant 

Hokkien noodles aren’t scarce, but it can be difficult to find a restaurant that delivers the traditional taste of it. Consistency is key here. These Hokkien noodles prove to be extremely fragrant with the scent of wok hei and soy sauce as well as lard. A separate stall operates in the same shop, offering some finger-licking Cantonese roasted duck. Make sure you don’t miss out on that as well!

6. A Pie Thing 

Pave the way for A Pie Thing — their legendary pies are not to be underestimated. Beautiful crusts shine under the dim lights as you’d find yourself heavily tempted by the comely fillings. The flavours these pies hold will surely bewitch you as they have done to us. This is a dream come true for every single pie lover out there. If you’re one of the, you will surely be seduced by what A Pie Thing has to offer as well.

7. Capital Nasi Dagang Kelantan Restaurant 

Say Kelantan food and stomachs will rumble. It’s now possible to taste an authentic plate of nasi dagang, featuring the presence of well-seasoned ingredients such as squid, chicken curry, large prawns, mackerel tuna and beef rendang to accompany a scoopful of fragrant coconut rice. Look at the menu and you will also find other Kelantan delicacies, so be free and go wild!

8. Fat Spoon 

Turn back in time at Fat Spoon to indulge in a palate of modernized Peranakan food. There’s no other food like home when selections such as Ulam Fried Rice and Nasi Kampung are here to satiate your appetite and bring back the fondest memories from your childhood. Desserts here are also worth your attention and will give your life the sweetening it needs.

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