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Assam Perut Ikan Fried Ulam Rice Nasi Goreng Kampung Spicy Beef Macaroni Soup Watercrest Soup Noodles
Review (52)
Level4 2016-06-06
one of those few places that i would recommend on trying out modern fusion food here. They make really awesome homemade lemongrass pandan tea in a pot! Not too spicy with ginger and not too sweet at all. Perfect for an after meal drink. For the mains, i had the moo moo rice bowl which was a hearty bowl of basil beef tenderloin served over rice topped with fried egg and served with ABC soup.  seriously comforting home food.  continue reading
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Level4 2015-12-07
The one thing I really enjoy about meeting up with my best friends is our food adventures. We are always willing to go a little further just for some good food and this time, we went to Damansara Uptown where a lot of good food business are popping up. On our too try list was Fat Spoon. Opened by two sisters, they bring our childhood comfort food back to you and the flavours literally bring me back to my younger days. They really do bring justice to our favourite foods.Also, their interior and decorations are really rustic. Sitting inside made me feel like I was brought back in time where my grandparents' lives would be like. It feels very homely and warm - however be warned that there is only a selected number of seats so during rush hours might be a slightly troublesome to get a table.We ordered their deep fried sweet potato fries and these were super good. The sweet potatoes were sliced super thinly, smaller than the regular french fries then battered together before being plunge into super hot oil. As a result it is almost like hashbrowns but using sweet potato instead. These were super addictive and not very oily which was a major plus. Then for my friend, she ordered their ulam fried rice which has been raved about by a number of people. After trying it I understood why because the rice was just so fragrant and super delicious when it is served to the table hot out of the wok. It also came with small portions of belacan kangkung and long beans, plus a pappadam. SO SO SO good.As for me, I ordered the special set meal for the day. I got the Basil Beef Rice which comes with a bowl of ABC soup as a side. The moment I saw that it came with a soup, I just couldn't not order it because it is two of my favourite things combined.The basil beef was so so so fragrant and topped over steaming hot rice was just isntant comfort food. All you had to do was break the yolk of the fried egg and eat it all together, bringing you to heaven. Plus at the end when you finished most of the egg & meat, pour in the ABC soup and indulge. Would definitely be back for more! <3 continue reading
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Suddenly, I spotted this cafe during the rain while searching for a hair saloon. So I decided I would like to have dinner somewhere here. I ended up eating at the Japanese restaurant next door but I had a coffee here as I was very sleepy. The decor and ambience is amazing. The door, for one, is very unique. The handle was made from wooden ladle. And the old door gave an old charm to the cafe. As one enters the cafe, one is greeted by an old chest with a steel tiffin-carrier and some books, even an Enid Blyton book! On the ceiling, hung knick-knacks like pots and pans, ladles and even an old-fashioned red flask, that we used to have, when we were young. Initially I wanted to order cappuccino, my favourite coffee but then thought that since I was going to takeaway, and would not be able to see the flowery design on the surface of the coffee, I decided to get a latte instead. It seems that the barista was so kind to make a leaf design specially for my latte inside the paper cup too! Yeah! The latte was not bad. Not too much milk and the milk was not too milky and did not have the normal milk taste. The most amazing thing is that the latte/cappuccino costs only RM 8, much cheaper than the international franchise coffee which do not have the design on the surface. I noticed they also serve set lunch on weekdays at about RM 12-15, at 11.30 am -2pm for unique food like Ulam Spaghetti which have Malay culture in it. I am definitely coming back to try this item.  continue reading
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Level2 2014-03-18
Went to Damansara Uptown to fetch mum to the clinic and after the doctor's appointment, Mum decided to give us both a treat at Fat Spoon! Been hearing raving reviews about the food and the decor at Fat Spoon so it's time to visit it myself! We were welcomed with the signboard of fat spoon and the exterior of the restaurant was really inviting!Firstly the interior of the area was really cozy with dimmed lights and they really make use of utensils from the past to bring us down memory lane. The dining utensils holder was really cute with strips of comic for patrons to read while waiting for their meal. They also used zinc plates to imitate the roofing of houses in the past!Look at this unique tiffin carrier which has motives on the exterior and also the books that they placed at the counter once you enter the premise.Who else would think of using pots and pans to decorate the ceiling of their eatery Moving on to the food! Mum read in the AEON magazine that it is a must to try their spicy soup beef macaroni and their passionfruit crepe. So what else! Of course we tried it! We also tried their mini hot chocolate which is actually kid sized but full of omph!Firstly the spicy soup beef macaroni! It looks like a small bowl but trust me it took me and my mum to finish this bowl of spicy goodness! It is not overally spicy but just nice! If you find it not spicy enough you can add the additional paprika that they serve together with the macaroni to give it more kick!Next our hot chocolate! When it came both of us laughed at the size of it! It was super duper mini and cute! But don't look down at this hot chocolate! Priced at roughly RM 4 it was so chocolatety and delicious! Even my mum who is not a fan of ordering drinks said it was tasty!Lastly our dessert of the day! Yummy passionfruit with vanilla ice-cream on a bed of crispy crepes! It is additive and the sourness of the passionfruit really blends well with the sweetness of the ice-cream *thumbs up*Overall it was a great experience at Fat Spoon athough the prices may be a bit high but it is normal for the area around Uptown Damansara since the rent is super high continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-18
nissin noodles are basically maggi meebut i ordered it anyway because it is served in a bowl of watercress soupbut then I realized that the water cress soup was mostly MSG and not the double boiled soup that I imaginedthe watercress wasn't alot either continue reading
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