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Level3 2014-10-01
KLUANG RAIL COFFEE OUTLETSince 1938, this Kluang rail coffee is very famous. Ermm, I did not know that the Kluang rail coffee has another outlet. In my mind, it must be some very looking ancient depleted going to fall apart look kind of traditional shop so I do not expect that it is looking like this?I am way too imaginative. Although it was a working day, this outlet is full with people and we have to wait for about 15minutes before being served. I have no idea what is wrong with me ordering nasi lemak. The waiting hour for my nasi lemak was 45minutes and I was already imagining strangling the waiter and shaking the sense into her! If she is playing the Dinner Dash, I would have left ago with a huge red face and fuming cloud over my head.It is impossible that the next table with more complicated food has arrived and all my other friends’s food has arrived except for mine!What is so difficult to make the nasi lemak??????? Does it really 45minutes for it to arrive? That is only after I started asking where my food is and the waiter nonchalant ask to check the receipt! How can my food not arrive when it is already paid????? Luckily a friend deals with it.That is why I dislike eating outside. For the amount I paid, my food has not arrived. If not for the company I am, I might have left. I guess food does taste better when you are laughing and enjoyed the people you are with.Let’s go into the food. Here is some of the food but mine is only the rail coffee cendol and the nasi lemak. The rest is ordered by friends so I have no idea how they tasted.KLUANG RAIL COFFEE the interiorKLUANG RAIL COFFEE ROTI BUN BAKARKLUANG RAIL COFFEE ROTI BUN BAKARThis their famous A must try Bread. Presentation wise, it look a little bit flatten and very traditional. The bread is a little dry but quite good in the sense that it is fluffy. The bread is already applied with generous butter. The kaya texture is just nice and not too thick but there is not much although you might there is a lot since there is some outside the bread. Kaya is not as fragrant as I thought it will be but it is okay.KLUANG RAIL COFFEE CENDOL TEAThis is the tea cendol. The drink is not too sweet and the cendol has pandan fragrant in it. The tea on the other hand is just normal so I was actually blaming myself that I should have tried the coffee instead.KLUANG RAIL COFFEE RAIL NASI LEMAKKLUANG RAIL COFFEE CURRY MEEKLUANG RAIL COFFEE PORRIDGEThis is the rail nasi lemak that has made imagined bad thoughts. Because of it as well, I managed to control myself and snapped the photos first before I get into eating mode. Normally I will just forget everything when the food is in front of me. The chicken is grilled just nice. The meat is is quite soft but it could be softer I think. The sambal spiciness is just nice but for those who dislikes spiciness, it is better not to order this. It is not hot to the extend that one have to drink few gallons of water. I think the spiciness level is probably just 2 out of 5. Rice is not bad. Anchovies and groundnuts is generous. Overall it is not bad.I guess I am always the unlucky ones to get bad service each time I am in the restaurants.No.33, Ground Floor, Jalan Manggis,Kluang Town, 8600007-7710 853 / 019-322 0072 / 012-728 8802RM11 - RM20It is halal restaurant.Ice Cendol tea at RM3.30Rail Nasi lemak at about RM 12.90Roti Bun Bakar about RM4For more information, please visit official website kluangrailcoffee.com.my/. It is not a sponsored review. The opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always. continue reading
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Level4 2014-07-06
I went to the original Kluang Rail Coffee at the railway station but unfortunately, the shop was closed again. So I had one old man from the railway station who borught me to the other branch which was brimming with so many customers. The food here is halal as there were many Malays here too. I ordered the famous Kluang Coffee (RM 1.70) which was so aromatic and fragrant. I love the thick coffee which was served hot. I also ordered the Mihun Rebus (RM 4.50) which was said to be the signature dish here. There are so many ingredients inside the mee rebus and that makes me love the dish even more. The shreds of cucumbers make it very crispy and tasty. The 2 half-boiled eggs (RM 1.60) is just normalbut not as tasty as the one at Elephant Bean Muar. Quite tasty and delicious to be eaten with the noodles as it makes it eggy. The 3 Fried Otak-otak Popiah (RM 2.30) were so tasty and crispy. The taste of the otak-otak inside was incredible, the burst of this taste at every bite. I finished every item and by that time, I was so full to the brim.  The food here is quite affordable because I ate so much yet it cost only RM 10.70 whereas in KL, it would have cost RM 10 for a bowl of noodles at this kind of shop. The service here is also very efficient. The ambience is very nostalgic of old railway stations and there are also funny cartoon drawings on the wall.  continue reading
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看见有海鲜的食物怎么能够放过机会试试呢!我就点了一碟叁巴苏东椰浆饭,这里的椰浆饭味道差了一点,没什么椰浆香味。叁巴苏东煮得刚刚好,比较辣,喜欢辣的人应该瞒喜欢的。 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)