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Level2 2016-05-19
In recent years, Korean Fried Chicken, also known as another "KFC" has been gaining popularity due to the K-wave entering Asia. There are many different recipes for Korean Chicken but all carry the same characteristic -crunchier and less greasy than the usualfried chicken. This is due to the chicken being fried twice. There are sweet or spicy or garlic version of it available in the market.It is very common to find Korean Fried chicken outlet in Singapore but in malaysia?? I have not heard about its existence in Johor Bahru , Malaysia. Upon hearing the opening of the 22 Korean Fried chicken, I am dismay and over-joyed. With the power of my puppy-eyes and glib tongue, I managed to persuade my BF to cross the border with me for it .....and of course for other cafes nearby. hahaWith the aim to conquer 22 Korean Fried Chicken, M2escape,Palladium Café and Lis Gelato which are situated in the same area – Mount Austin, I have successfully completed my mission and went even more places. I went to the Cats Café and Zoom Park too. Do read the individual post for more details.22 Korean Fried Chicken is the first Korean Fried Chicken open in Mount Austin, Johor Bahru. The interior design of this restaurant forms a space which fills it with the industrial style concept which is in contrast with the foods being served. Inside the restaurant there are also shelves selling Korean products which allows patrons to buy these products after dining here. However it also imposed patrons with a challenge of finding a seat for dining due to its limited space.We went at 1.30pm on a Saturday afternoon. The place was packed with no indoor seat except maybe 2 benches outdoor. The environment was so noisy that we literally need to shout across the table to talk to each other. We proceed to the ordering counter to order our food before securing seats as we believe that by the time we obtain our food, we should be able to find seats. Yay, Success!!Since it is a Korean Fried Chicken Shop, of course we decided that the best selection was fried chicken. Each Chicken Wing Set (4pcs) Set comprises of two chicken wing (cut into 4 pieces) , wedges as well as a drink (choice of lime water or orange juice). There are 5 flavours (Crispy, Garlic, Gangjeong (Sweet), Bul Dak (Spicy), Hot BBQ). Since bf is not a spicy eater, we wanted to try the garlic and gangjeong flavour. Unlike Four Fingers in singapore, 22 Korean Fried Chicken does not allow us to mix the chicken flavours. This is why we are 'forced' to order two sets.After 15 mins of wait, the paging system finally display our numbers and our food is finally here - Garlic (Left) & Gangjeong (Right).We would expect the chicken to be hot or at least warm. But apparently it was not. Sauce that was spread on the chicken skin was tad little. Furthermore, the meat was a dry with no marination. It would taste much better if the juiciness of the meat was retained and moresauce was applied. Would appreciate if more drink choices was made available.If I was to choose which flavor I like better, that would be Garlic flavour as the taste wasricher.Follow me at instagram/ Facebook : @jacefootprints continue reading
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身在馬來西亞卻想吃韓國著名的炸雞配啤酒?不用遠到韓國,也不需到吉隆坡的分店,在柔佛州你也一樣能吃到。來來來,讓我向大家介紹峇株巴轄的22炸雞工廠吧!說真的,我還真喜歡這牌子,好漂亮❤推開大門,迎接我們的是木質桌子,還有繽紛色彩的椅子。靠墻的左手邊座位還有沙發呢!(我就是選坐這裡唷^_^)大大的招牌,我就是要吃韓國炸雞!喜歡這裡的環境,很有設計感。復古又時尚,還有創意感非常高,感覺真的到了工廠吃炸雞!不知道為什麼我就是特愛復古設計,所以也就愛上了這裡。這裡採用自行點餐服務,就跟快餐店一樣。和大家分享22炸雞工廠的menu(照片取於22面子書)雖然這裡有套餐(Value Set),但有時間限制。我們去的時間已沒有套餐了,所以還蠻吃虧的 ><錯過了套餐時間就選擇單點吧!如上圖,炸雞有五種口味:Crispy(香脆)、Sweet Chicken(甜味)、Garlic Soysauce(蒜香醬油)、Hot BBQ(燒烤醬)、Crazy Hot(超辣)點餐完畢會拿到這個,一直以為是要等它響再到櫃檯去拿。不過其實不用勞動我們,侍應生都會自己送上食物。吃炸雞最怕弄髒手了吧?沒關係,貼心的22特地為顧客們準備了手套❤雖然看韓劇都是炸雞配啤酒,但為了健康著想還是把啤酒暫時忘掉。招牌雞翅膀 (4pcs), RM14.90- Garlic Soysauce (蒜香醬油)我們選擇了兩種不同口味的炸雞翅膀試試。先上桌的是蒜香醬油口味,這口味還挺新鮮的。炸雞外皮雖然粘了醬油,但吃起來不咸,對我來說是新嘗試,不錯。招牌雞翅膀 (4pcs), RM14.90- Hot BBQ (燒烤醬)愛吃點辣朋友選擇Hot BBQ就沒錯啦。外層黏黏的醬料和雞肉一起下肚,這感覺就是棒❤請原諒我暫時把減肥拋到腦後了。。。><就這樣戴好手套吃韓國炸雞,非常方便呢!你也來一口吧❤❤❤Signature Burger 招牌漢堡,RM8.90這裡除了炸雞,也有漢堡。我們點了一份招牌漢堡試試,裡面的醬料像是蛋黃醬,吃起來帶甜很不錯。我家男人吃得不亦樂乎〜大嘴巴要吃掉漢堡了!這樣的宵夜還真的好犯規,但美食當前又怎能錯過啊?!吃了再跑多兩圈吧!(真無奈。。。==)貪吃兩公婆,呵呵❤Korea Spicy Fries 韓國香辣薯條,RM4.90韓國香辣薯條有什麼不一樣?薯條上撒了香辣粉,吃起來味道還蠻獨特的,大家不妨試試。喜歡這個小鐵龍的設計,還有三只可愛的小雞。都說這裡的設計大膽創新,就是很特別。就連洗手盆都是那麼的不一樣!相信自己身在工廠了嗎?呵呵^_^愛吃韓國炸雞的你一定不能錯過這家22韓國炸雞工廠哦!相信你也會愛上這裡新穎的設計,還有美味的食物。22炸雞就在之前介紹過的Photographer Cafe樓下,找天去試試吧!韓國炸雞工廠•22 Korea Fried Chicken Factory14, Jalan Setia Jaya, Taman Setia Jaya,83000 Batu Pahat.喜歡的朋友們,別忘了到面子書按一按贊哦❤吃吃喝喝。看世界。www.facebook.com/eatandtraveltheworld continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)