LOL! Eat and Laugh to Prosperity at The Manhattan FISH MARKET!
This Chinese New Year, The Manhattan FISH MARKET presents something special to bring family and friends together: the festive Ha-Happy Prawn Platter!
ha-happy prawn platter, The Manhattan FISH MARKET, cny, 2016
For just RM68.80 (RM72.93 with GST), you can enjoy a scrumptious prawn platter (worth RM88.80 a la carte) that comes with a complimentary Mesclun Salad and 2 free bowls of soup of the day. The prawn platter consists of giant clams, prawns and cherry snapper lying atop a bed of fragrant garlic herb fried rice and a side of vegetables.
In addition, guests have the option of two delicious add-on deals. For only RM4.80 (RM5.09 with GST), you can include a side of Fried Country Mushrooms, Icy Hot Fish Bananas, Lemongrass Cooler, Sunset by the Bay, Brooklyn Sunset or Melon Breeze. For just RM8.80 (RM9.33 with GST), you can enjoy an indulgent Sizzling Brownie with Ice Cream or the savoury Onion Glory.
add on, ha-happy prawn platter, The Manhattan FISH MARKET, cny, 2016
What’s more, guests who spend RM50 and above will also receive exclusive The Manhattan FISH MARKET ang pao packets to share the festive joy and show their love for exquisite seafood. The packets come in sets of 8, in 2 festive designs. Dine at The Manhattan FISH MARKET near you today to celebrate the prosperous and auspicious season of Chinese New Year! Visit the official website or Facebook of The Manhattan FISH MARKET for more info.
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ha-happy prawn platter
The Manhattan FISH MARKET
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