Delicious Food to Try at Bangkok’s Chinatown - Yaowarat!
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Yaowarat is Bangkok’s well-known Chinatown that gathers up the best cuisine that you need to try. The Land of Smiles, they will never disappoint you be it for food or shopping! Don’t understand their language? That’s not a problem at all! Foodie like us connects easily with food! Let’s start our journey at Yaowarat and enjoy fresh seafood, dessert and specialty noodles that only you can get from Thailand here! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal)

1. T&K Seafood

曼谷, 唐人街, 耀华力路, Yaowarat, T&K Seafood, 海鲜
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One of the Not-to-be-missed food of course would be Thai seafood! Fries superb good seafood here even they are spicy but the more you eat, the better it tastes! Try on grilled prawns, crabs, squids or even oysters. Since seafood at Yaowarat are the freshest, by grilling it without adding any seasoning, you’ll get to taste the best from it!

2. Lek & Rut Seafood

曼谷, 唐人街, 耀华力路, Yaowarat, Lek & Rut Seafood, 海鲜
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One stall for seafood of course will never be enough! At Lek & Rut, their Thai seafood too are not to be missed. The cockles here are bigger and juicier too! Remember to try the Tomyam soup, Seafood salad and Glass noodles with prawns and Lemon fish makes it a good deal for dinner here!

3. Kra Ta Ron

曼谷, 唐人街, 耀华力路, Yaowarat, Kra Ta Ron
Photo credit to: Lapatrada, Mr.Sprite, miomaru
Hot plate dishes! Enjoy hot dishes especially these? They do have the Hot-plate ‘O-chien’ that you can see many tables actually ordered it! Besides the Oyster ‘O-chien’, their best seller would be the Hot-plate vermicelli! How good it tastes? Come to Yaowarat and try it at Yaowarat!

4. Chakkrawat

曼谷, 唐人街, 耀华力路, Yaowarat, Chakkrawat
Photo credit to: ninggy.thunyarat, love_eatt,Isaya
Licking your lips already? Yes! This is because they have one of your favorite food – Roasted Pork! Pair it up with Thailand’s famous flat Kuey Teow and ingredients like roasted pork, pork intestines and pork meat makes it the best hot soupy meal! Besides, they too have the pork leg rice that you should try!

5. Hua Seng Hong

曼谷, 唐人街, 耀华力路, Yaowarat, Hua Seng Hong
Photo credit to: anuwat.pichadul, sathimon.guy, nopkit, Nipanida, Ake kero
How different is it the Chinese food in Yaowarat compares to the ones we usually eat in KL? Then you should head to Hua Seng Hong here to enjoy it! From Dim Sum to Peking Duck and the cold platter, you know what suits your palate best. Bigger in size dim sum and mixed with the local food taste, don’t miss it!

6. Kamon Jeeb Wat Yaun

曼谷, 唐人街, 耀华力路, Yaowarat, Kamon Jeeb Wat Yaun
Photo credit to: Mini_Pocky, kanokwan.arunleddiwong
Aha! A special stall spotted here. Guess what? Your favorite Siu Mai! Quite known in Yaowarat here, their style is different from the ones you always have back in Malaysia. Topped with fried crunchy garlic, chili oil and fish sauce; one bowl of 8 pieces are too good to describe!

7. 老陈著名卤鹅

曼谷, 唐人街, 耀华力路, Yaowarat, 老陈著名卤鹅
Photo credit to: art suwarntemiya, Do is On The WAY
Goose? This seems to be quite a rare dish that you can eat in Malaysia. Gooses here are braised and it is super flavorful too. Meat texture isn’t rough and they are soft enough. Best eaten with the braised gravy, you can enjoy it with porridge too. What makes it special would be they do have the goose coagulated blood cubes and intestines serves along with the meat too. Remember to try this out!

8. 香港面云吞

曼谷, 唐人街, 耀华力路, Yaowarat, 香港面云吞
Photo credit to: suthiwan.maki.rodchuer, AeMchai,PJam
Before we start eating, do you know Wantan Mee in Thai language is called ‘Ban Mee’? Nope, not the same as our Pan Mee, theirs are Wantan Mee! Slightly different, the Wantan mee here doesn’t mixed with dark soy sauce but instead it is mixed with fried pork lard and fish sauce! With Cha Siu and wantan, slurp up the whole bowl! Besides Wantan mee, they have Dim Sum too!

9. Heng Dee

曼谷, 唐人街, 耀华力路, Yaowarat, Heng Dee
Photo credit to: benz47, eat 'till die
When you’re at Thailand, one of the must have includes Fish Maw & Fins soup and Bird’s Nest! When asked, most of the patrons will sure to direct you to this stall. Serves in a clay pot, by looking at it tastes good already. Great delicious ingredients, you will notice mainly all tables had it all cleared up as soon as they start to eat it!

10. Sweet Time

曼谷, 唐人街, 耀华力路, Yaowarat, Sweet Time
Photo credit to: nopkit, annieko, ert.jerkk
After having all the best mains here, don’t forget to try their dessert too. Let’s try glutinous rice balls the Thai style! Black sesame glutinous rice balls with ginger tea, flavorful soya dessert like ice blended soya bean are famous here too! Besides the best food at Yaowarat, Bangkok too a must visit city! Click here to read more & Click here for more food news from OpenRice Thailand!

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